Mark Consuelos reacts to Kelly Ripa’s Oscar glam

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa at the Metropolitan Opera House
Mark Consuelos reacted to Kelly Ripa’s Oscar glam. Pic credit: ©

LIVE with Kelly and Mark went to Hollywood to film their annual after-Oscar show, and this year’s fashions did not disappoint.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were dressed to the nines during their big Hollywood Academy Award weekend, during which they presented an after-Oscar show on LIVE.

The couple have shared many behind-the-scenes photos of what it takes to get them ready, from the makeup to the hair and workouts.

Getting the couple ready for this vast ratings show takes a lot, and they aren’t shy about giving thanks to their team.

Kelly shared a photo on her Instagram, thanking several team members for helping her prepare for her big Oscar night.

Her caption read, “By day and by night, #Oscars glam. Thank you, @christiansiriano and @jasonwu, for the fantasy fashion @kristoferbuckle @ryantrygstadhair @audreyslaternyc.”

Mark Consuelos noticed how amazing Kelly Ripa looked after she posted these photos

In one of Kelly’s posts on Instagram, her husband, Mark, could not remain silent and shared his feelings about Kelly and her glam.

He posted to Kelly, “Stone cold fox.” Then Kelly made a remarkable comeback: “You are!” The long-married couple is always finding ways to compliment each other.

Other fans joined in on their exchange. One fan said, “Both of you are…lol.” Another said, “I love you guys!!!”

Mark Consuelos remarks about Kelly Ripa's looks on Instagram
Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Kelly’s team did a great job. The fashion designer Jason Wu created what Kelly called “fantasy fashion.”

Kristofer Buckle, another member of her team, was at the Madonna concert with her when she was pulled onstage to help judge the backup dancers.

He is responsible for Kelly’s makeup and posted a photo of her Oscar-ready face on Instagram.

Mark Consuelos shared why he is fine not going shirtless in an interview

Mark often rivals his wife with his sharp-looking fashions and gets asked about his shirtless scenes on the hit show Riverdale, where he plays Hiram Lodge.

He recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight’s Rachel Smith about his upcoming scenes in The Girls on the Bus. He plays a presidential candidate and has no shirtless scenes in this show.

Scott Foley, Mark’s co-star on The Girls on the Bus, has a scene where he strips off his shirt, and Rachel asks him if he feels jealous about it. Mark replied to her, “I wasn’t jealous at all. Are you kidding? No, no, no.”

Fans of Mark can see him in The Girls on the Bus on HBO, streaming on March 14, 2024.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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