Mark Consuelos’ Mother’s Day fail gets roasted by Jimmy Kimmel on LIVE

Mark Consuelos and Jimmy Kimmel at different events.
Jimmy Kimmel roasted Mark Consuelos over this Mother’s Day fail. Pic credit: ©

Mark Consuelos made it through his 28th anniversary with Kelly Ripa and her birthday this year just fine, but it seems he floundered with his Mother’s Day offering.

The popular LIVE with Kelly and Mark star shared a photo of his wife, Kelly, and his mom, Camilla, on Instagram, but not without being blasted because of his choice of photo.

According to what Kelly revealed to Jimmy Kimmel recently on the show, Mark may be in the doghouse again.

Mark is no stranger to Kelly getting upset with him; he got into hot water last winter when he made fun of Kelly’s sleeping habits, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

This time, Jimmy Kimmel used Mark’s choice of a Mother’s Day photo as an example of what not to do for your wife or mom on Mother’s Day.

Mark shared a photo of Kelly hugging his mom on Instagram and captioned it, “2 for 1. Happy Mother’s Day to these two gems. Love you.” Jimmy picked it apart on LIVE, and he critiqued it with Kelly.

Jimmy revealed he used Mark’s post to make his look better

Jimmy’s original Mother’s Day post to his wife, Molly McNearney, did not go over well, so he looked around to find one to show his wife that it could be worse.

The photo showed Molly in bed with their kids and dogs, but she wasn’t impressed. She wanted a glamour shot instead.

As Jimmy was a guest on LIVE, he brought up Mark’s photo, honoring his mom and Kelly, which he found to be worse than his own.

Then, Kelly revealed that she was unhappy with it and why, “I was very irritated by this photo…I’m not Mark’s mom, so I get it…” Kelly went on to judge what went wrong in the photo choice.

“He finds a photo of 150 years ago. We are both at a Western amusement park in Arizona. It’s 400 degrees. We are sweating. We are clinging to each other because we are so dehydrated.”

Then Jimmy roasted Mark’s message in the Instagram post. Mark couldn’t even send separate messages for the ladies he was honoring. Jimmy said, “Thank you, Mark…it worked out well for me.”

The teasing was all in good fun. Jimmy is good friends with Kelly and Mark, and they all enjoy a good roasting session.

The entire clip can be seen on LIVE’s YouTube page.

Mark and Kelly offer their dancing skills to Jennifer Lopez

Just recently, Jennifer Lopez was on the show and revealed she is going on a “baby” tour of 28 venues. Everyone knows that Kelly loves a good dance song.

She offered to Jennifer, “If you ever need a backup dancer.” and Jennifer cut in, “I always need a backup dancer. I need two, I need two!?

Mark offered to be the backup dancer’s backup, but no one needed to worry about retirement. It is just a “baby” tour, and they’d also have time to fit in LIVE with Kelly and Mark.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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