Mandy Moore shares fun facts about This Is Us costars

Mandy Moore spills secrets about her This Is Us cast members
Monday Moore loves all of her This Is Us costar! Pic credit: ©

The This Is Us cast has claimed to be one big happy family since the show premiered. Their on-screen dynamic is out of this world, and that is thanks to their tight-knit bond off-screen.

Mandy Moore recently spilled some fun facts to People magazine about her friends and costars. The actress expressed her love for every cast member. She also dished some exciting tidbits about her on-screen husband, The Big Three, and Beth.

Milo Ventimiglia

A fact fans may not have known about the Gilmore Girls alum is that he is a great snacker. When it comes to snack time on set, Moore revealed no one picks out snacks better than Milo Ventimiglia.

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She credits her friend for upping her sugar game by introducing her to Nerds and Sweet Tarts. Moore admitted she never chose those candies before meeting Ventimiglia. Now, though, the duo is constantly sharing those sweet treats when they need a little sugar rush.

Sterling K. Brown

The actress calls her on-screen son, “larger than life.” Moore also refers to Brown as the most sensitive and real person she has ever met.

Brown is the one she goes to when she is in the mood to discuss real-life because he has a “very tender soft side where he’s vulnerable and wants to talk about real-life stuff.”

Moore also insists he is the best listener and entertainer. and gives the best advice to everyone on set. Brown is more than just a talented actor with a great smile. He sounds like a great guy too.

Justin Hartley

Several This Is Us cast members have talked about Chris Sullivan’s hilarious antics on set. Moore reveals Justin Hartley is the actual class clown of the bunch. She spilled one of the most challenging things about working with the blonde hunk is keeping a straight face.

When Moore is in prosthetics for older Rebecca, she can’t smile, or it will crack. Not smiling while working with Hartley is nearly impossible. His low-key funny personality makes it challenging to not burst out laughing.

Chrissy Metz

Hartley isn’t the only one that keeps Moore laughing out loud set. Her on-screen daughter, Chrissy Metz, is full of one-liners that keep the cast and crew in stitches.

Everyone knows Metz is a talented singer, but impressions are also her thing. Moore admitted Metz is known for suddenly “bursting into a funny voice for no reason.”

The ladies don’t take themselves too seriously in between takes, which is good considering the serious nature of the show.

Susan Kelechi Watson

The two ladies don’t get to work together that much, but Moore loves when she gets to hang with the newly engaged Watson. She refers to her on-screen daughter-in-law as the person Moore is most “soulfully connected to.”

Watson is the heartbeat of the This Is Us family. Moore calls her costar the “coolest” person around with a quiet side. Like Brown, Watson is a person Moore enjoys sitting and chatting with about real-life.

Mandy Moore had nothing but good things to say about her This Is Us costars. The cast is truly one big goofy family.

Chris Sullivan and John Huertas are included in that family. Moore praised both of them for their kindness and comedy.

There certainly appears to be a lot of laughing on the NBC set. It is good considering how many intense and dramatic scenes the cast has to play.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC. Season 4 premieres on September 24.

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