Macklemore’s ‘Shadow’ from Songland: Who is songwriter IRO?

Who is IRO from NBC reality TV show Songland?
Macklemore chose the song ‘Shadow’ written by IRO on Songland. Pic credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Songland is back on NBC after a short hiatus. Macklemore was the guest recording artist on last night’s episode.

The talented singer had four different songwriters fighting for him to pick their tune. IRO, Pop Culture, Chris Jobe, and Casey Cook were all hoping Macklemore would pick their song to record and inevitably turn into a hit.

In the end, Macklemore chose IRO’s song, Shadow, to become his next single. The singer explained why he chose IRO’s song Shadow.

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“I just want to perform this song in front of 40,000 people in Ireland. I have a vision. I see it. Songwriting is about human experience. We’re sharing this space together. We’re creating. We’re capturing the essence of humanity in audio form, and that’s what it’s about. We’re trying to go give that to the world, and you have that ability. You captured that in this song!”

Who is IRO?

IRO may be the newest songwriter to emerge from the NBC reality TV show, but he has been writing and performing for years.

The talented songwriter makes a living by traveling the world as a full-time busker. He explained during the episode why he loves the freedom of being able to perform in the international streets, which he calls the biggest stage around. He also shared that and more with the judges on the Songland episode.

“I’ve been all over the world through the money I make busking. Somebody could say that you’re playing on the street, but the way I like to see it is that you’re playing on the biggest stage in the world. It gives me a sense of freedom. You’re playing your own songs, and you know what works”

Before Macklemore chose his song, Shadow, IRO was releasing his music on Spotify and SoundCloud. He has an arsenal full of fantastic songs, that have been gaining traction since his appearance on Songland.

IRO also continuously uploads videos of his street performances to YouTube. Fans who want to hear more of his fabulous music can check out them out anytime.

Macklemore not only chose IRO’s song, Shadow, but the singer decided to have the songwriter featured on the tune as well. The two men performed the song at Lollapalooza in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Fans have been praising IRO and the song on social media since the episode aired last night. IRO and Macklemore deserve all the accolades they are receiving. It is a beautiful song.

Songland airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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