Love Island USA’s Zac Mirabelli: Why do fans find him so annoying?

Fans of Love Island find Zac annoying for this strange reason.
Love Island fans are done with Zac because of one thing they find annoying. Pic Credit: CBSTimothy Kuratek

Love Island USA fans are annoyed by Zac Mirabelli for one bizarre reason. No, it is not because of his sad puppy dog face when Elizabeth Weber got a text to go on a date with Cormac Murphy.

On the second episode of the new CBS show, viewers learned Zac had pulled a complete douche move back in the day. He slept with one woman, then left her in bed to go have sex with his ex-girlfriend.

Now one might think that is the reason fans have turned on the 22-year-old grocery store worker. It is not!

The reason viewers are done with Zac is that during his talk with Elizabeth on Wednesday night’s episode, he kept using the word “like.” His overuse of the word happened as he explained why he made such a jerk move leaving a woman in bed.

However, viewers could barely focus on the conversation or his rather lame defense because Zac would not stop saying “like.”

“I had been friends with that girl for like a while, so when she like came over, we had like a couple of drinks and stuff and like we started like making out and like I didn’t know how to explain that to that to her like, ‘Yo I’m just like not in this,’ because I didn’t want to make her feel bad … we had sex for like two seconds,” Zac shared.

In a story that took about two seconds to tell, he used the word “like” almost ten times. Fans were quick to turn on him and point out his annoyance on social media. Twitter was flooded with Tweets bashing his bothersome behavior.

Twitter is not wrong. His overuse of the word was distracting. Although it needs to be pointed out, Zac is not the only one who uses the word “like” too much on the show. All of the Love Island USA cast members appear to have a fondness for using it.

Zac Mirabelli is already on the fans list of most annoying people on Love Island USA. Can he redeem himself or will his reaction to Cormac asking Elizabeth on a date seal his fate in fans eyes?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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