Love Island USA: Which couples are solid and which couples will be easily tempted?

Couple status update on Love Island who is solid and show can easily be tempted?
Love Island couples — who has staying power and who can easily be torn apart? CBS/Colin Young-Wolff/

Christen McAllister and Katrina Dimaranan slow-motion walked their way into the Fiji villa on Love Island USA last night.

The guys were thrilled, to see the bevy beauties making their way to the villa. However, the ladies were not so happy that the two females are there to take their men. They let Christen and Katrina know it too by watching their entrance from the upstairs balcony.

Tonight, viewers will get a chance to see how Katrina and Christen impact the current six couples. Ahead of the Love Island USA shakeup let’s take a look at where each pair stands right now.

Which couple is on solid ground and which couple could easily be tempted by one of the new beauties?

Kyra and Cashel

These two have been into each other from the second Kyra chose Cashel, taking him away from Caro. They have had some steamy make-out sessions in bed at night, and are not afraid to be affectionate in front of the other cast members.

Kyra and Cashel are definitely into each other. However, on last night’s episode, they both admitted they would be ok if the other decided to chat up someone new.

They both are aware that they like each other, but the twosome could change at any moment. Right now, the duo is on solid ground and have a good chance of being one of the last couples standing at the end.

Zac and Elizabeth

In a matter of days, Zac and Elizabeth went from barely touching feet in bed to having a full-on smooch fest. She was not swayed by Cormac’s good looks or his overly confident demeanor either.

They even talked about what kind of marriages each of them wants in the future. It was a no brainer for Elizabeth to pick him during the recoupling.

Zac and Elizabeth only have eyes for each other. They are not shy about making their feelings known to everyone in the villa. These two are definitely on solid ground, and it is unlikely either of the new ladies can shake them up.

Alexandra and Dylan

They are one of the newest couples in the villa, but they are 100% into each other. It has only been a few days, but Alexandra was smitten with Dylan from the moment he entered the villa.

Their hideaway overnight sleepover only appeared to strengthen their bond. They have a lot to talk about, as well as both love to play kissy-face with each other.

Since Alexandra and Dylan have not been coupled together that long, their status is a little more challenging to determine.

Yes, they dig each other but at the same time, one of them, most likely Dylan because she is super picky, could be tempted.

Alana and Yamen

Despite coming in last and doing truly awful in the first couple’s challenge, Alana and Yamen are still pretty into each other. Following the recoupling, she planted a juicy one him, which took him by surprise, but he was into it.

They have flown under the radar so far, other than when Caro tried to make a play for him. Alana has been open about Yamen being her man, as well as the fact the two are trying to get to know each other.

Alana has never had a serious boyfriend before, so her intense attraction to Yamen could be a downfall.

He does appear into her. However, based on his reaction when Christen and Katrina walked into the village last night, Yamen could be led astray.

Caro and Cormac

Like Alexandra and Dylan, Caro and Cormac have only been a couple for a few days. They have an intense attraction to each other. Then again, they both appear to be attracted to any living breathing human being.

Caro might be a little more into Cormac then he is into her. She was offended when he told her that he preferred her Cardi B wig to her natural look.

A majority of their conversations have been awkward and forced, leaving viewers to believe they are only coupled up to stay at the villa.

These two could easily be tempted by a newcomer.

Cormac had a massive smile on his face as the two brunette babes made their entrance, so he might already be into another lady.

Mallory and Weston

There is no surprise here, Mallory and Weston are both ready to be temped. She picked him in the recoupling but only so he could stay.

They have both admitted to having a strict friends vibe. It is evident, too, by how they lay in bed together. He sticks to his side, and she sticks to hers.

Plus, Mallory was thrilled to get the text to go on a date with Dylan. These two will help keep each other as long as possible, but at any moment, their friend plan could explode when one finds someone new romantically.

What is your assessment of each couple ahead of two new females shaking up life at the villa?

Love Island airs weekdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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