Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta tackles colorism at Madame CJ Walker Museum as Mimi Faust and Spice spar over plans to lighten skin

Spice and Mimi Faust on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Spice and Mimi Faust face off after a visit to the Madame CJ Walker museum in Atlanta. Pic credit: VH1

This season on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, there has been a huge debate about colorism as Spice debates whether or not she wants to lighten her skin.

Many of her co-stars are adamantly against the idea but none are fighting her harder than Mimi Faust, who has been trying to help Spice see the beauty in her dark skin and stop trying to change her appearance in such a drastic way.

It all started back in October when Spice debuted a shocking new look. At first, her fans thought the look was permanent but it turns out she was promoting her new single Black Hypocrisy by pointing out the way those with different skin tones are treated.

Now fast forward to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 8 and it turns out that, while her original light-skinned look was temporary, she really is contemplating changing her skin tone permanently.

Spice has billed the possible change as her way of making a point but it’s one that her LHHATL co-stars just can’t seem to get behind and they continue to argue with her about her plans.

Things came to a head for Spice and Mimi Faust when Mimi took her friend to the Madame CJ Walker Museum, hoping to teach her about black history in America and why her skin lightening plans are so upsetting.

Things didn’t work out as planned though. It was actually explained to Mimi that for Spice in Jamaica, this procedure is seen differently and isn’t nearly as controversial as it is in the U.S.

It’s not clear yet if Spice ever did go through with her plan to change her complexion and we suspect that the colorism debate is far from over on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

However, things certainly did blow up in Mimi’s face when Spice got offended and ultimately walked away.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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