Love After Lockup spoilers: Is Lizzy pregnant with Daniel’s baby?

Lizzy and Daniel from Love After Lockup.
Lizzy on Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple Lizzy and Daniel have an interesting relationship. They met before his incarceration and remained together while he served his time. There were a few times they split, but most of the time they remained in a relationship.

Daniel revealed that Lizzy didn’t talk to him much or even come visit while he was locked up. She was going to school and working, all while trying to remain sober.

When he was finally released, they began spending time together. His mom had her reservations about Lizzy, which caused some turmoil in their relationship.

There has been some hype about a secret Lizzy is keeping from Daniel that Love After Lockup viewers have yet to find out. She did reveal that she used to run pills for a dealer, a truth that came out when she ran into someone she used to date while out at a bar with Daniel. That situation was intense.

In a sneak peek shared by Love After Lockup, Lizzy is seen taking a pregnancy test. When she shares the verdict with Daniel, they look shocked. Is she pregnant with his child after their laundry room sexcapade session?

It is unlikely that Lizzy is pregnant with Daniel’s child. If she was, then she very likely isn’t anymore. On Twitter, Lizzy shared a photo of a new tattoo she got over the weekend. When you are pregnant, most tattoo artists won’t touch you. While that isn’t a solid answer for whether she is expecting, it is a decent clue.

Currently, it appears that Lizzy and Daniel are no longer together. She has ranted on social media about how things were portrayed and he appears to be busy without her. It looks like Lizzie will be going alone, which is unfortunate after seeing how long they struggled to remain together while he served time.

Be sure to tune in and find out what the pregnancy test reveals for Lizzy and Daniel!

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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