Love After Lockup salary: How much do the couples get paid for doing the show?

Love After Lockup opening.
The Love After Lockup pay stacks up to other reality shows. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup has quickly become a fan-favorite on WEtv. Each week, viewers are treated to various relationships between someone who has been in prison and someone who has been waiting for them on the outside. Currently, there is a brand new set of cast members and there are two sets who have already aired.

There has been plenty of talk about how much Love After Lockup pays the stars of the show. The person who is on the outside is the one who receives the money, though there has been some debate about that. On more than one occasion, Lizzie has mentioned that Scott never gave her her cut of the money.

On Instagram, Matt’s mom Kathy chimed in on a post from @crazyeyeskm2. She was seen on Season 2 of Love After Lockup. Matt and Caitlin were featured on the show and they both lived in Kathy’s home.

She mentioned $20,000 plus being offered and how aside from the money, the cameras and microphones were not something the people needed at that point in their lives. After all, they are transitioning from life behind bars to life in the free world where all of their problems happened.

Matt's mom Kathy comments Love After Lockup pay
Matt’s mom Kathy revealed that Love After Lockup pays $20,000. Pic credit: Instagram/crazyeyeskm2

There is no real way to tell how much the Love After Lockup couple makes from the show. It was rumored that they were getting roughly $1,000 an episode. If that is the case, the $20,000 claim doesn’t appear to be too far off the mark. Many of the Love After Lockup stars joined the site Cameo and make videos for fans at various price points. If they get picked up for other influencer jobs on social media, there is money in that too.

After three sets of several couples going through the Love After Lockup process, there is likely more on the way. Money talks and the bigger the drama, the higher the viewership.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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