Love After Lockup Lizzie: Is she using drugs again?

Lizzie on a date with Scott on Love After Lockup
Lizzie had a few drinks after her release. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup star Lizzie has been a popular topic among viewers. She was on Season 1, but most of her story was told by Scott and through phone calls as she was still locked up. Lizzie was due to be released before the season ended, but things did not play out that way.

Returning for Season 2 of Love After Lockup allowed for Lizzie to be released and for her and Scott to meet in the real world.

While initially things looked good, as the episodes have aired and time has passed, their relationship became more complicated. Lizzie wanted to take things slow, and she had Scott wondering if he was really just a trick.

Lizzie’s relapse

It was known that Lizzie was a drug addict since the beginning. Both she and Scott talked about it in various confessionals on Love After Lockup. In fact, he aided her in getting drugs while in prison and spent roughly $90,000 on her throughout their relationship.

During various Instagram videos, Lizzie has been talking to her followers about different life events. She revealed that she relapsed recently, but only admitted to drinking.

Lizzie went on to explain she did inform her parole officer and is attending meetings, but viewers have been questioning how much of the truth she is actually telling.

She also mentioned that she offered to pay Scott back some of the money he spent on her. She also made it clear that he knew she was an addict and that he chose to stay and fund her habit. Lizzie says she is keeping it real, but is she?


Where do Scott and Lizzie stand?

Viewers who follow both Scott and Lizzie on Instagram have noticed that neither of them interact with one another.

Love After Lockup filmed months ago and if the two were still together, it would be likely that their relationship would be on display. There weren’t even photos of them together over the holidays but other couples did share some.

Scott revealed that he was back in California and Lizzie has been posting from both Wisconsin and Illinois. He was ready to leave his life behind to be in the Midwest with her, so why aren’t they living together?

With all of the evidence pointing towards a split, it looks like this Love After Lockup couple called it quits.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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