Love After Lockup exclusive clip: Tracie spends Clint’s money

Clint in the salon on Love After Lockup
Clint has no idea what Tracie has in mind. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup has been intense this season. The couples are just getting to spend time together on the outside and some of the things happening are unbelievable.

Clint was headed to get Tracie in Texas and now, the two will be spending their first day together. They plan to marry just one day after her release, but it is unclear if that happens or if it gets put on the back burner. Now that Tracie is released, she is planning to get herself put back together immediately.

Tracie has a list for Clint

In the exclusive Love After Lockup clip, Clint and Tracie are in a salon. She wants her hair done and everything that goes along with that. Along with the actual blonde dye job, Tracie wants her hair cut and dried as well. The total comes to over $300, but that’s not all.

On top of the makeover, Tracie informs Clint that she is planning on a pedicure that night as well. He heads to the store to get her basic necessities and she is enjoying a glass of wine as she begins to get pampered.

Clint’s budget

Before leaving for Texas, Clint’s mom mentioned his budget and what he shouldn’t allow Tracie to do. Just one day into the trip, he mentions he has spent almost $900. That is just $100 less than his entire budget for the three-day trip. The worst part is it looks like Tracie still wants more and he is likely to oblige.

This looks like a bad start to something that Clint won’t be able to afford. It looks like the couple has been rocky since filming Love After Lockup and in the trailer for Season 2, he can be seen storming off while complaining about the mic.

Will these two be a success story or another relationship gone bad for Clint?

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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