Love After Lockup exclusive: Amber and Vincent aren’t on the same page

Love After Lockup couple Amber and Vincent.
Amber and Vincent aren’t on the same page on Love After Lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple Vincent and Amber had an awkward first encounter following her release from prison. The two had been penpals for quite some time and had numerous conversations about getting married and what would happen upon release.

There was no sleeping together the first night. Amber is staying at her friend Puppy’s mom’s house. This was already arranged and while it appeared that things would work out, Vincent isn’t exactly happy with the way things have happened.

In this exclusive Love After Lockup clip, Vincent and Amber head to the bed store to buy a bed. It was very clear that he was annoyed while they were discussing the bed and Amber didn’t seem too bothered by putting off anything sexual with him.

As they were driving back, Vincent voiced his concern about his place in her life. Things aren’t falling into place like he had hoped and Amber is not giving him affection in any aspect. She did tell him she was appreciative of his efforts,

With only minimal time spent together and issues already creeping up, it looks like Amber and Vincent have some things to work through. She is focused on adapting to her life in the free world after being behind bards for years and he is focused on a physical connection after building an emotional connection with her.

Vincent revealed he didn’t know what to expect. Amber wants to ease into things and mentioned getting to know one another. The two had plenty of contact while she was in prison, though they did not physically meet. Was all of this a trick to have support on the inside and upon release?

Will Amber and Vincent withstand the test of time and continue their relationship, or are things already spiraling too fast to come back from?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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