Love After Lockup Clint and Tracie update: Are they still together?

Clint and Tracie on Love After Lockup
Clint and Tracie may still be together. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup was intense this season. Clint and Tracie were one of the couples that viewers just couldn’t turn away from. Learning that he had been married twice before and worked for his ex-wife didn’t win him any brownie points with the Love After Lockup crowd.

His plan to marry Tracie immediately following her release caused a lot of skepticism from his parents, though they held out hope that maybe their worst fears wouldn’t come to fruition. Unfortunately, things spiraled downhill quickly following Clint picking Tracie up in Texas.

Are Clint and Tracie back together?

From the beginning, there were quite a few red flags in Clint and Tracie’s story. After learning that she disappeared on him right after they were married and was back on drugs, things went steadily downhill. Tracie was back in jail in Texas and remained there while Clint begged her not to divorce him from his home in New Mexico.

His relationship with his parents was strained as well. Clint was taken for his money, something his parents had warned him about. Despite all of that, he returned to pick her up from Texas when she was dropped off on the side of the road following her release.

Tracie looked way different than she did when she was released the first time around. Not only was she skinnier, but she also looked like she was heavily using drugs. The transformation was talked about during the Love After Lockup Season 2 finale.

What does the future hold for Clint and Tracie?

At the end of the season finale of Love After Lockup, it was revealed that Clint no longer had the job with his ex-wife at the hotel and was working for his parents now. It looks like he is still with Tracie and the two plan to get married again in front of their friends and family.

Her Instagram is private and Clint hasn’t posted on his in a few weeks now. Of all the Love After Lockup couples, they were one of the more interesting ones to watch.

Love After Lockup returns this summer to WEtv.

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Carolyn whitted
Carolyn whitted
4 years ago

Every Family has someone who is fighting some kind of Addiction. I hope they get straight and get in church and let God lead them. I feel for Clints Mother and Daddy. I have learned don’t judge because it can hit your Family someday. I pray for all of them.