Locke & Key Season 3 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Locke & Key season 2
Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke on Locke & Key season 2. Pic credit: Netflix

Locke & Key returned to Netflix with its second season right before Halloween in 2021.

The first season of Locke & Key ended with a huge twist where the Locke kids thought they eliminated the demonic Dodge but were tricked and Dodge survived.

Dodge also helped another demon escape and had an ally, as the Locke kids had no idea that there was still danger around them.

Locke & Key wasn’t assured of a second season, but luckily Netflix brought it back to continue the story. Now with a second season dropped on Netflix, will fans get a third season of the supernatural series?

Here is everything we know so far about Locke & Key Season 3.

This article provides everything that is known about Locke & Key Season 3 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 3 of Locke & Key?

The good news is that fans won’t have to wait to hear about another season renewal.

While the first season arrived without a guaranteed second season, the production crew learned there would be a third season months before Season 2 dropped.

Deadline reported in December 2020 that there would be a Locke & Key Season 3.

“Carlton [Cuse] and Meredith [Averill] have built an incredible world in Locke and Key and we’re excited to have the Lockes return for more in the third season,” said Brian Wright VP of Overall Deals for Netflix. 

“I’m delighted to expand our creative partnership with Meredith Averill, a talented creator with a keen eye for best-in-class horror and supernatural storytelling.”

Release date latest: When does Locke & Key Season 3 come out?

There also won’t be a long wait for Locke & Key Season 3. This is because when Netflix announced the renewal, the production said they would start filming Season 3 early in 2021.

“I’m incredibly grateful to have found a home at Netflix where I feel constantly supported, challenged, and inspired. I look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship,” said Meredith Averill.

“We have some incredible adventures in store for the Locke family in season three, and could not be more excited to continue telling our story with our great partners at Netflix,” added Carlton Cuse.

With Season 2 wrapping up filming late in 2020, but not airing until October 22, 2021, expect Locke & Key to hold off until likely October in 2022 as well.

However, since the filming of the season wrapped up in September, there is a chance it could hit anytime in 2022.

We will update this article with news when Netflix makes anything official concerning the third season.

Locke & Key Season 3 cast updates

The entire Locke family should be back in the third season.

This is based on both the second season of Locke & Key and on the comics on which it is based.

Connor Jessup will be back as Tyler Locke. He is the eldest son of the Locke family and was not on good terms with his dad when he died. He has since tried to find his own way in the world.

Emilia Jones will be back as Kinsey Locke. She is the middle child and had trouble both believing in herself and coming to grips with her place in the family. She also spent the first season being manipulated by the demon Dodge.

Jackson Robert Scott should be back as Bode Locke. He is the youngest Locke child and went from wide-eyed wonder to a dark place as he found himself in the middle of the demon Dodge and his family.

Darby Stanchfield will be back as their mother, Nina Locke. She is the widowed mother who fell into alcoholism and wasn’t there mentally to help her children when they found the keys and went to battle with a demon.

Aaron Ashmore should return as Uncle Duncan Locke. Also back should be Petricce Jones as Scot, Brendan Hines as Josh, and Kevin Durand as Frederick Gideon.

Locke & Key Season 3 spoilers

The Locke kids finally defeated Dodge in the second season of Locke & Key, which is where the main comic book series ended.

However, the Netflix series added some twists and turns that were not in the comics, so that helped it keep fans surprised at where the story went.

However, there were spinoff comics and it seems the third season of Locke & Key will play around with ideas from Locke & Key: …In Pale Battalions Go, which was released last year.

Eden, possessed by a demon in Season 1, summoned Frederick Gideon, a Captain in the British Army during the American Revolutionary War, played by Kevin Durand.

However, he banished Eden and then came through the portal into our world to become the next big bad on Locke & Key.

Netflix has yet to announce when Locke & Key Season 3 will premiere.

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