LIVE fans love how Mark Consuelos responds to a rude fan

Mark Consuelos smiling big
Mark Consuelos responded to a fan who accused him of ignoring him and fans loved it. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, get bombarded daily by fans wanting to take up their precious downtime after filming Live with Kelly and Mark.

It is so bad sometimes that Kelly has admitted to being “dead inside” when she suppresses her emotions toward fans who always want something.

To be in the spotlight and constantly hounded by fans and paparazzi must take its toll on Mark and Kelly, yet they still respond when they can on social media.

Live with Kelly and Mark has already ended filming this week and is showing prerecorded shows, so Kelly and Mark have a long weekend ahead.

Yet, Mark took to X (formerly Twitter) to interact with a rude fan who had asked him a question and then called him out over not answering him.

The fan wanted to know which team Mark liked in baseball and ended his tweet by complaining about Mark’s inability to answer him. He wrote, “How could you act like this?”

A fan posted a question to Mark Consuelos on X
A LIVE fan weighs in. Pic credit: @mikewsteelers/X

Mark hilariously answers this rude fan on X

Mark had several choices when responding to this fan and his questions. He could ignore the question, block the fan, or respond. Mark chose to respond.

He posted, “I was just about to tell you. But as you wish…” He then proceeded not to answer his question.

The fans loved seeing Mark’s reaction. One wrote, “Love you, Mark.” Another said, “Touche Mark!”

Mark Consuelos on X
Mark Consuelos on X was responding to a rude fan. Pic credit: @MarkConsuelos/X

One fan stated, “Some people are just 2 busy 2 acknowledge fans.” Then another backed Mark up, “I’m sorry, but do you answer everyone that sends you a message? I’m thinking not. This person needs a life. I must say, bravo on your response!”

Fans of Live with Kelly and Mark responds to Mark Consuelos on X
Mark Consuelos has fans respond on X. Pic credit: @MarkConsuelos/X

Mark has a team he’s passionate about, but it is in Italy

Mark loves sports, but his real passion is the Campobasso Wolves, the soccer team he and Kelly have invested in.

He loves that team so much that he flies to Italy to see his beloved team. He even goes without Kelly occasionally.

Recently, Mark shared a story on Instagram about the team and how he showed off in front of the other investors.

He did a kick in the stadium that injured himself. He was embarrassed that they had to take him to the team doctor to look at his torn quad, which caused a limp.

Happy Birthday, Mark! Maybe Kelly will have a cake for you when the show returns next week!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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