Little Women’s Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer: The path to their rocky relationship

Matt arguing with Briana on Little Women LA: Couples Retreat
Matt Grundhoffer arguing with Briana Renee on Little Women LA: Couples Retreat

Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer are the couple with the rockiest relationship on Little Women: Couples Retreat.

Their marriage and Matt’s infidelity was put under the spotlight in the last season of Little Women: LA after he cheated on her with another woman.

And they reach new lows on the Couples Retreat after having a big argument which later leads to Matt clashing with Andrea Salinas’s boyfriend Chris in an explosive row.

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But how did they end up where they are today?

Briana was born in San Diego, California, where she lived with her father and sister. As a young girl, she trained to be a Junior Dragster racer.

Later, Briana became interested in singing and performing after joining her high school choir.

Briana dropped out of college to pursue singing gigs, including a stint as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

Briana then married her now ex, Leif Manson. The couple had a daughter, Lieana, who is also a little person.

After the breakup, Briana auditioned for Little Women: LA, hoping that the show would highlight that little people are no different from anyone else.

Briana met current husband Matt Grundhoffer on Facebook and the couple quickly fell in love and had a baby son, Maverick.

When she is not filming, Briana enjoys cooking, looking after the children, dogs and cats and catwalk modeling.

Meanwhile, Matt was born in the US in 1977 and has a troubled past which includes allegations of domestic abuse from a former relationship.

Matt worked for Washington Social and Health Services but lost his job for reportedly lying about his criminal past, which included a DUI arrest and taking a plea over allegations he had strangled an ex in front of her child.

Matt changed his name from Grundhoffer to Ericson after filing for bankruptcy and is believed to be currently unemployed.

During their time on Little Women LA, the couple garnered controversy when Briana caught Matt sexting other women, including allegedly transgender model Plastic Martyr.

This caused friction between Briana and cast-mate Terra Jolé, who was concerned that Matt was fetishizing his wife because of her size.

Viewers were so concerned about Matt’s past that a petition was started to get the couple ejected from the show.

Matt and Briana were given a chance to save their drama-filled marriage at the Couples Retreat, which appears to have worked — as we told last month how the couple are still together.

Little Women LA: Couples Retreat airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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