Little Women: LA’s Terra leaves Tonya FUMING in clothing clash

Terra on Little Women: LA
Terra cashes with Tonya about her active wear line on tonight’s Little Women: LA

On tonight’s Little Women: LA, Terra and Tonya have an almighty fall-out over Tonya’s new Lil Boss Body Active Wear line.

Things are going fine until Terra spots the logo which includes a lotus flower, which she says make them look like they’re “spiritual pants”.

The pair then have a sit-down where Terra reveals she’s really worried that the new line is going to be a flop — which leaves Tonya fuming.

It’s been months and months in the making and Tonya is super-excited when she gets to check out the products for the first time.

Terra says she knows what she’s saying is going to sound “harsh”, but she doesn’t hold back as she tells Tonya: “I’m scared about your new line.”

A preview of tonight’s episode, titled Deconstructive Criticism, sees Tonya give her the ultimate death stare before storming off under a cloud of expletives.

Also on tonight’s Little Women: LA, Elena is finally allowed to go home from hospital after having her twins, but the pair are still in the neonatal intensive care unit so there’s still a lot of fears.

Christy and Todd’s daughter Autumn also has to be taken to hospital in an emergency. And as well as having to deal with Terra’s negativity, Tonya is also told by Kerwin that she has got to ditch her business partnership with her ex.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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