Little Women LA exclusive: Terra Jole tells Mika Winkler to apologize to Tonya Banks

Little Women: LA, Terra Jole
Tara tells Mika she should apologize.

Little Women: LA is back with a brand new Season 7 episode tonight and, as usual, there will be plenty of drama.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, we can see Terra Jole and Mika Winkler having a pretty serious conversation. It turns out that Terra thinks Mika should apologize to Tonya Banks. The problem is, Mika doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

It all goes back to a conversation that aired weeks ago where Mika brought up Tonya’s activewear line, “Lil Boss Body”. Terra isn’t the only one who thinks Mika came off like she was taking a shot at Tonya.

Jasmine already confronted Mika and told her the same thing.  So will Mika end up making things right with Tonya?

When Mika tries to get the cast together for a BBQ and Undie Walk for charity, Tonya makes it clear just how upset she is with Mika. Shouldn’t Tonya be worried about Terra and that Black Girl Moscato that has everyone talking right now?

Terra Jole on Little Women: LA
Tara tells Mika she should apologize on this week’s Little Women: LA

Meanwhile, Christy Gibel and Autumn Artran decide they might want to take up a career in real estate. During a trial run for their new career, the two find out that selling houses may not be the dream job they both had envisioned.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is still upset with Elena for partnering with Terra on her beauty bar — and she has every right to be mad. Elena came to Jasmine about partnering up first but only wanted to offer her friend 30 percent of the business.

Jasmine wanted to split it 50-50 but Elena said no way. Is anyone really surprised that Jasmine was furious after finding out that Elena partnered with Terra instead and gave her the 50 percent that Jasmine wanted?

Elena understands why Jasmine is upset, but on the other hand she didn’t feel comfortable handing over that much control of the business to Jasmine because she doesn’t trust her work ethic.

Ultimately, Elena does sit down and apologize to Jasmine. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the two will be as close as they used to be after the beauty bar drama.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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