Little Women: LA episode shows birth of Terra Jole’s baby

Terra Jole on Little Women: LA
Terra Jole on Little Women: LA

On Little Women: LA tonight, it’s all about the babies — as Terra Jole gives birth just weeks before she started filming for Dancing With The Stars.

The lead-up to the birth of her second child is tense as husband Joe has to go on an overseas trip.

He breaks the news during the episode leaving Terra close to tears, saying: “I’m about to get crazy again.”

His expected return is just three days before the baby’s due date, but whether he’ll actually make it back in time is a real worry.

But the Little Women: LA film crew are there when Terra finally goes in to hospital with Joe by her side to give birth to son Grayson — a little brother for their daughter Penny.

Watch some of the tense footage below as Terra says: “It hurts. I feel pain. Hold on to me!”

Also on tonight’s Season 5 episode 13 of Little Women: LA, titled Terra’s Growing Family, Tonya once again raises concerns about whether Briana has what it takes to bring up and look after an average sized child.

Meanwhile Christy seeks solace in Jasmine in the hope that she can patch up her relationships with the other ladies — but Jasmine’s not sure anyone will give her a second chance.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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