Little Women: LA | Christy flips at Tonya ‘making fun’ of transgender model Plastic

Christy and Tonya yell at each other on this week's Little Women: LA
Christy and Tonya yell at each other as things get out of control on this week’s Little Women: LA

On Little Women: LA this week, Christy and Tonya go totally berserk at each other after last week’s chaos involving transgender model Plastic.

The incident saw Christy bring Plastic along to Tonya’s photoshoot but ended in disaster when Plastic threatened to hit Tonya with an “Italian leather bag”.

Briana’s husband Matt Ericson previously admitted sexting Plastic, and says he’d been in touch with her again since then.

Christy took Plastic along to try and make a point after being accused of meddling in Briana’s life.

This week things nearly come to blows when Christy accuses Tonya of making fun of Plastic.

She says: “You don’t make fun of a transgender.”

But Tonya is fuming at the accusation, saying: “I didn’t make fun of her!”

There’s also more drama this week as Preston organises a surprise birthday party aboard a superyacht for Elena as her mum and sister visit the States from Russia.

But things don’t end well with Elena ending up in tears.

Meanwhile, Dancing With The Stars newbie Terra and Joe’s dream home finally appears — but things go awry when the seller won’t leave.

Watch a clip from this week’s episode of Little Women: LA, titled Birthday Blowout, below.

Little Women: LA sneak peak

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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