Little Women: LA | Chaos over Matt and transgender model Plastic

Transgender model Plastic Martyr meets the ladies on Little Women: LA this week - but it doesn't go well
Transgender model Plastic Martyr meets the ladies on Little Women: LA this week. It doesn’t go well

On Little Women: LA this week, things kick off in a BIG way after transgender model Plastic Martyr claims Briana Renee’s husband Matt Ericson has been in touch with her again.

Matt previously admitted cheating on Briana while she was pregnant by sexting other women, including Plastic.

But this week Plastic claims Matt got in touch with her AGAIN saying he wanted to meet up with her before she has her op.

Christy, in a bid to prove herself to the other women after accusations of meddling in Briana’s life, brings Plastic along to Tonya’s photoshoot.

But things get crazy when Tonya and Plastic start screaming at each other. Tonya tells her: “We don’t want to hear what you’ve got to say!”

Plastic then threatens her with luminous yellow handbag and tells her: “You want to get hit in the face by an Italian leather bag, bitch?!”

Matt’s promised Briana that he “never wants to go backwards again” after she gave him a second chance.

But these latest revelations certainly aren’t going to do him any favors!

Plastic said on her Twitter: “The truth comes out.”

Also this week’s episode of Little Women: LA, titled Plastic Problems, new Dancing With The Stars contestant Terra goes dancing with her friend Jason from New York and tells her something she’s never had the courage to tell the ladies.

Little Women: LA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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