Little Women: Atlanta’s Tiny Twins have a BIG fight

Scene from Little Women: Atlanta Episode 7
Tears are shed as the Tiny Twins have it out on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta

On Little Women: Atlanta tonight, the Tiny Twins have a BIG fight.

Tears flow as Amanda & Andrea Salinas bicker in a bedroom with Amanda feeling she is being pushed out of her sister’s life.

She tells Andrea: “I miss you!” But she doesn’t quite get the reaction she was hoping for when Andrea tells her: “Calm down, girl!”

Amanda confides in the camera that she feels like she’s losing part of herself as Andrea prepares for her second child.

Meanwhile Ashley “Minnie” Ross also sheds tears, but for a completely different reason as she meets her half-sister Shelley for the first time.

The move comes as she hopes to eventually arrange a meeting with her estranged father.

Also on tonight’s episode of Little Women: Atlanta, titled Sister Act, Emily has to deal with a tough decision over the health of her newborn son, while Monie goes about proving she really is a Little Person after having her dwarfism brought into question.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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