Little Women: Atlanta reveals if Andrea’s baby will be ‘little person’ too

Amanda & Andrea Salinas reveal party on Little Women: Atlanta
Amanda & Andrea Salinas with their cake box at the reveal party on tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta

On tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta, the Tiny Twins Amanda & Andrea Salinas host a reveal party to let their friends and family know if Andrea’s baby daughter will be a “little person” too.

Andrea and boyfriend Chris already have one child together, but are expecting a second — and despite Andrea’s achondroplasia, the baby could be either of small stature like she is or average height.

After finding out, Amanda puts on the party to make a celebration out of letting everyone know.

They make the reveal by presenting a box which contains a cake — and telling those gathered that if it contains a big cake then it means the baby will be an average sized person, and if it’s a cup cake it will be a “little person”.

Watch the preview of tonight’s Little Women: Atlanta as the tension builds ahead of the big moment as they open the box to show everyone what’s inside.

Also on tonight’s episode, titled Law and Disorder, the ladies head to a local winery and there’s plenty of tension in the air — as well as some romance.

Meanwhile, ‘Queen of Atlanta’ Ms. Juicy, Minnie and Tammie have it out in court, and Bri must make a big move regards to Wooda.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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