LHHATL’s Keely Hill responds to BK Brasco diss, takes shots at Sierra, Tokyo and Just Brittany

Keely claps back after BK Brasco diss, takes shots at Sierra Gates, Tokyo Vanity and Just Brittany.
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Keely Hill is not happy about what BK Brasco had to say about her

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta newcomer Keely Hill heard what BK Brasco said about her on the Domenick Nati Show and she wasn’t too happy about it.

After the latest episode of LHHATL aired on Monday night, Keely called in and wanted to clear a few things up about what has been going down in the A — and while she was doing it, she made sure to throw a few jabs at her co-stars too.

Starting off with Sierra Gates, Keely wanted to clear a few things up. Again, she said that Sierra wasn’t really her friend despite what Shooter’s estranged wife has said on the show. Instead, Keely says that Sierra was an “associate”.

Keely even claimed that they had only ever met in person once. She then took things a step further, claiming that the stunts Sierra has been pulling while the Love & Hip Hop cameras roll are strictly for reality TV and that she would never act that way when cameras weren’t rolling.

Moving right down the list of cast members that she isn’t getting along with, Keely explained the situation with Just Brittany. Much like Sierra, Keely claims that she and Just Brittany also are not friends.

They met through Brittany’s manager, but prior to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Keely said that she and Just Brittany had never actually met her manager in person before, and did so after being connected through a mutual friend.

“Judging by how she was when I was around her, I don’t want anything to do with that,” Keely explained. “I wish her the best in what she does but I won’t be a part of it or anything of the sort. She’s hot-headed and she’s unprofessional.”

As far as Tokyo Vanity, Keely says that she doesn’t know her. “I feel like she kinda band-wagoned with her friend and that’s cool. Sierra is her friend,” she said.


Last but not least, Keely Hill focused on BK Brasco, who told Nati last week that he wishes she wasn’t even on the show. “What he doesn’t understand is that in all actuality, I really could get 20 percent of his contract because without me mentioning anything about his girlfriend on the show, he probably wouldn’t have had any camera time.”

Keely went even farther with BK Brasco, who she says should stay out of “women’s business and stop acting like a bitch” — and let the drama between her and Sierra play out.

Wow! Now Keely made it clear that her relationship with Just Brittany is in the same place that it was during the last episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta — nowhere.

When it comes to BK Brasco, Sierra Gates and Tokyo Vanity, there’s still plenty of episodes left for them to bring the drama!

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on VH1.

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