Lenox Hill: Where is the hospital featured on Netflix series?

Lenox Hill on Netflix
Netflix’s Lenox Hill follows the professional lives of four doctors. Pic credit: Netflix

Lenox Hill is a new eight-episode series that premiered on Netflix on Wednesday. The series follows the professional lives of medical doctors at the famous hospital facility of the same name in New York City.

Lenox Hill offers viewers an inside look at the lives of four doctors, including two brain surgeons — Dr. David Langer and Dr. John Boockvar.

Others are Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson, obstetrics and gynecology specialist, and Dr. Mirtha Macri, an A&E consultant.

In the series, the doctors talk about their struggles to balance the challenging responsibilities of their professional lives with their personal lives.

The patients, on whose behalf the doctors make life and death decisions, also get a chance to tell their stories.

According to the official Netflix synopsis:

“Four doctors at New York’s storied Lenox Hill Hospital balance their personal lives and their dedication to their patients in this documentary series.”

Lenox Hill premieres on Netflix amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which began spreading in the country earlier this year.

Where is Lenox Hill Hospital?

Lenox Hill Hospital is in Manhattan’s Upper East Side at 100 E 77th Street, NY 10075, near the famous Central Park.

According to the hospital’s website, it was established in January 1857, and its facility at 132 Canal Street was open to the public in May.

The hospital is well-known as a maternity and child health center.

It also offers a “wide range of services in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, orthopedics, sports medicine, otolaryngology/head, and neck surgery.”

The hospital serves the residents of Manhattan, but a significant proportion of patients also come from neighboring districts, including Long Island, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

“The mission of Lenox Hill Hospital is to deliver outstanding health care with compassion and respect, to promote wellness in its communities and to advance the field of medicine through education and research.”

Lady Gaga was born at Lenox Hill Hospital

Lenox Hill Hospital boasts a history of caring for high profile patients. These patients include Winston Churchill, who received treatment at the hospital in 1931.

Churchill suffered severe injuries when he was hit by a car while crossing Park Avenue.

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in March 1986.

The hospital is a favorite maternity destination for celebrities, including Beyonce, who gave birth to daughter Ivy Carter at the hospital in January 2012.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker also gave birth to her son, James Wilkie, at Lennox Hill in October 2002.

Lenox Hill is streaming on Netflix.

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