Law & Order Thursdays preview: a bold new storyline kicks off

Law & Order
Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) and Samantha Maroun (Odelya Halevi) discuss a case on Law & Order Season 21. Pic credit: NBC

Law & Order Thursdays kick off some powerful new storylines this week.

The mothership Law & Order will focus on a unique missing persons case while Law & Order: Special Victims Unit takes a daring tactic on an assault case.

Meanwhile, Law & Order: Organized Crime begins a bold new storyline that majorly shifts up Stabler. 

Law & Order Thursdays had big developments this past week

This past week of Law & Order Thursdays did have some intriguing developments on the trio of shows. Law & Order tackled a crime based on the Elizabeth Holmes case with some trickery to get a conviction.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit had Carisi and Rollins now public about their relationship with Rollins also going undercover to flush out a murderous radio show host. Sadly, it ended in tragedy as the husband of one of the host’s victims took his own revenge. 

The bigger moment was Law & Order: Organized Crime, as the showdown between Stabler and Wheatley ended in a dramatic way. It appeared that Wheatley would get away with his crimes (including killing his own son) due to holding Stabler’s mother hostage. 

Stabler was able to rescue her and, during a chase, told Angela how Richard had killed his son. That drove Angela to send the car containing her and Richard off a cliff into a river. Her body was found but not Richard’s, with Stabler wondering if he was still alive.

Meanwhile, Webb (Mykelti Williamson) made some new moves while Jet and hacker Adam finally made out.

Thus, a new storyline will kick off on that show to anchor a new week of drama.

What’s coming on Law & Order: Organized Crime this week?

The night begins with Law & Order as Filtered Life has the squad hunting a missing social media star. 

“Bernard and Cosgrove search for a social media star whose disappearance goes viral; Price and Maroun must make their own decisions about the case against the wishes of the missing woman’s family.”

It is interesting for the show to tackle a case that seems more SVU’s territory. Yet it’s likely they still end up putting their own unique spin on things. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has Promising Young Gentlemen, which brings back Jason Biggs as Detective Andy Parlato-Goldstein from the Hate Crimes Division. 

“Carisi’s niece stands by a friend as they report a sexual assault attack; Benson investigates a collegiate secret society that preys on female students.”

The promo shows Parlato-Goldstein making the daring suggestion that rapes be treated as hate crimes, which Carisi can use to shake up the case. 

Law & Order: Organized Crime kicks off a new storyline with Takeover of the team taking on the Marcy Killers while Stabler meets an old friend, played by Denis Leary. 

“Bell’s task force examines the connection between Congressman Kilbride and the Marcy organization; Stabler becomes close with a group of cops; Nova’s two lives clash as she receives an important promotion.”

The promo indicates Stabler’s new buddies may have ulterior motives while the team is challenged to take on a group that counts a Congressman among their allies. There’s also the presence of Benson noting Stabler is “undercover” as himself. 

The kickoff of this new storyline will highlight the evening as Law & Order Thursdays continue to fire up the march to spring.

Law & Order Thursdays begin with Law & Order Season 21 at 8/7c on NBC.

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