Law & Order: Organized Crime’s Rick Gonzalez shares hints about struggles

Rick Gonzalez
Rick Gonzalez of Arrow joins Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3. Pic credit: The CW

Rick Gonzalez’s character on Law & Order: Organized Crime may go undercover more frequently after he started off strong with a dangerous assignment.

The new cop on Law & Order: Organized Crime has opened up on how it feels to play Detective Bobby Reyes, a master of undercover assignments.

Reyes has already shown his stuff by going to prison and even taking a knife in order to break a case. 

He’ll be facing more challenges in this week’s episode, tackling a pack of crooks posing as cops.

Gonzalez also spoke on what drew him to the role and what fans can expect as Season 3 continues.

His words give good insight into this new cast member and what fans can see him do as Law & Order: Organized Crime moves on.

Rick Gonzalez as Bobby Reyes

Season 3 of Law & Order: Organized Crime has seen the Organized Crime Task Force expand its number, including Detective Jamie Whelan (Brent Antonello).

The team also recruited Bobby Reyes, nicknamed “The Invisible Man” for his uncanny ability to slip into undercover roles. Reyes proved his stuff by slipping right into their headquarters in disguise. 

Speaking to Give Me My Remote, Gonzalez, who had starred in the CW’s Arrow, revealed what drew him to the role of Reyes. 

“When I read [the script], I felt it. This idea of somebody being invisible to the world, only to use those talents to extract information, to blend in, to be a detective that no one can see, on purpose, that was interesting to me. And so the key [thing that intrigued me] was creating this character who was dynamic for the squad—I just perked up my ears. I love the idea of someone who, in so many ways, is capable of thriving in chaos.”  

Reyes has shared some personal items, such as being married with three kids and maintaining his drive on the job. That’s already led to some danger. 

Gonzalez on Reyes and his dangers

Bobby Reyes
Rick Gonzalez as Detective Bobby Reyes in Law & Order: Organized Crime. Pic credit: NBC

The last episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime had Reyes go undercover as an inmate to trick a suspect into flipping on his bosses. To win trust, Reyes allowed himself to be stabbed while saving the man from an attacker. 

While Reyes seemed okay, Gonzalez hinted the psychological scars of that stabbing might be worse than the physical ones. 

Gonzalez continued, “He’s totally okay with it; this is the part of the job—he knew he was gonna get stabbed. But is he really okay? What is the thing that’s inside of him that he’s still wrestling with?”

This week’s episode will play on this as the Task Force takes on some criminals assaulting people while posing as police officers. Gonzalez says this will give more insight into Reyes and his motivations. 

The actor points out that there are questions as to why Reyes joined the Organized Crime Task Force and what made him put his life on the line like this.

The actor said, “To answer all those questions, you’ve got to go on the journey of who he was and what he went through and the people that he used to care about and where he was hurt before. How does he feel about that?”

Gonzalez also hinted that Reyes’ family may pop up in a future episode to show the home life the officer escapes from.

As he talks of his excitement playing the role of Reyes, Gonzalez hopes fans can feel the same excitement as Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 continues.

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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