Lauren Lapkus: Who is actress who plays Carol Hunch on Between Two Ferns: The Movie?

Lauren Lapkus as Carol Hunch on Between Two Ferns: The Movie
Lauren Lapkus as Carol Hunch on Between Two Ferns: The Movie. Pic credit: Adam Rose/Netflix

Zach Galifianakis is now on the road to make every celebrity on Earth uncomfortable with his completely awkward interview style. And while doing so, he wants everyone to be aware that he cares more about his ferns than his own guests.

In the Netflix movie of the internet sensation Between Two Ferns, Galifianakis is told by Will Ferrell he must do 10 interviews before reaching L.A. if he wants his own network show. And as he journeys cross-country while challenging the egos of various celebrities, he does so, having a crew come along with him.

One of these crew members is Carol Hunch, played by comedic actress Lauren Lapkus. Many Netflix viewers probably find the actress extremely familiar. Well, here is everything to know about the actress who plays Carol Hunch and where you might have seen her.

Who is Lauren Lapkus, the actress who plays Carol Hunch?

If you think Lauren Lapkus seems extremely familiar, you’re not crazy. Netflix audiences probably will remember her best as the prison guard Susan Fischer from Orange is the New Black. The role landed her a well-earned SAG Award for her performance in 2018.

Adding to her Netflix background, Lapkus made an appearance on The Characters which was an eight-episode improv experiment where comedians had a chance “to make their mark” where ” eight different comedians each get an episode to show their skills in comedy.”

Fans of The Big Bang Theory might also remember her from the latter seasons of the show. In the CBS sitcom, she played Stuart Bloom’s love interest Denise, who also was also his employee at the comic book store. And she maintained a recurring role as the character up until the show’s series finale.

She has also done some film work in supporting roles. However, her most recognized appearance would be from the 2015 sequel/reboot Jurassic World. In that film, she played one of the park’s workers named Vivian and shared comedic scenes with Jake Johnson throughout the film.

Other comedic appearances for Lapkus include Comedy Bang, Bang!, Key & Peele, Funny or Die’s The Earliest Show, Crashing, Holmes & Watson, and so many more.


More about Lauren Lapkus, the actress who plays Carol Hunch on Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Lapkus is also a podcaster, with such shows as the improv podcast called With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus. That show had an impressive premiere at No. 1 on the comedy podcast section of iTunes. Additionally, she hosts another podcast called Threedom, which has Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins on the show.

She also does a podcast about television in the 90s about shows like Clarissa Explains It All, Family Matters, Ren and Stimpy,  and other greats from that period. That show is called Raised By TV and it currently has 50-plus episodes for fans to dive into.

More recently, she wrote a piece on Glamour about her love for nostalgia but addressing the caveats of how well the programs from that time have aged. In the piece she writes:

“This harsh reality hit us with a handful of our formerly favorite TV shows as well. I hesitate to name names, because I would gladly be cast on literally any reboot of any show, but a lot of this stuff does not hold up. After spending probably 50 hours for the podcast “researching” old shows I either missed out on or once loved, that warm, fuzzy feeling started to fade and I could finally see what caused my dad to leave the room the second I turned some of this stuff on.”

Sadly, this holds true for many fans of the older shows that originally made television so great, and even for people like Lapkus who still value the memories those shows bring back, it becomes more obvious that maybe they weren’t the gems viewers thought they were.

Lapkus is definitely a jack of all trades when it comes to anything television-related. From being a prison guard to a comic book nerd to reliving all of the nostalgic 90’s television shows, she definitely has her own niche when it comes to the silver screen.  She obviously has great taste in supporting roles that will get her the recognition she deserves. It will be interesting to see where her journey takes her next

Between Two Ferms: The Movie is now streaming on Netflix.

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