Lauren Alaina and Tyler Hynes kick off Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest lineup with Roadhouse Romance

Tyler Hynes and Lauren Alaina in the Hallmark Channel movie Roadhouse Romance.
Tyer Hynes and Lauren Alaina in the original Hallmark movie Roadhouse Romance, which will debut Saturday, September 11 at 9/8c. Pic credit: Crown Media

For country music star Lauren Alaina, the funniest part about making a Hallmark movie was the location. For her role in the romantic comedy Roadhouse Romance, she went all the way to Canada to film a story that takes place in her home state.

“It was kind of funny for me to shoot a movie in Tennessee in Vancouver,” said Alaina during a Facebook Live event.

The film, which debuts Saturday, September 11 at 9/8 c, co-stars Alaina and Tyler Hynes.

In the film, Alaina plays Callie, an Army vet who returns to her hometown when her grandfather passes away. She becomes determined to save his barbecue business and ends up getting some help from Luke (played by Tyler), a TV producer who finds himself stranded in her small town for several weeks.

Hynes said it was fun to play characters that start as friends and developed into “something better.”

Lauren Alaina contributed her own music to Roadhouse Romance

American Idol vet Alaina said she was thrilled when Hallmark approached her with the script for Roadhouse Romance. Since the network wanted to include songs she had written, she worked with producers to tweak the story so that the music she wrote would fit in with the storyline. Two of the songs that appear in the movie are on her new album, Sitting Pretty on Top of the World, which was released on September 3.

She said being able to sing in the film helped with her self-confidence.

“It was nice to do something I knew I was good at,” Alaina said. “Acting was new.”

Lauren Alaina in the Hallmark movie Roadhouse Romance.
American Idol veteran Lauren Alaina will sing two of her own songs in Roadhouse Romance, the first movie in Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest event. Pic credit: Crown Media

Tyler Hynes learned to dance the Cowboy Cha-Cha for the movie

Alaina wasn’t the only one who had to come out of her comfort zone for the film. Hynes had to learn how to dance for a scene in which the pair do something called the Cowboy Cha Cha.

“They actually brought in a guy to teach us that day,” Hynes said.

Having appeared on Dancing With the Stars, Alaina felt more comfortable with the steps, but Hynes finally got it down. The scene ended up being “really sweet,” he said.

Hynes said he also enjoyed how their characters grew and changed together during the film.

“I think my character was coming off a whirlwind situation where all of his hopes and dreams were coming true, but it felt off to him,” Hynes said.

Meeting Callie, who is still struggling with dreams of her own, ended up being good for Luke.

“He becomes privy to a different view and an energy he very much needs,” Hynes said.

Roadhouse Romance will debut Saturday, September 11, on Hallmark Channel at 9/8c.

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