L to the OG: Twitter reacts to Kendall Roy’s rap on HBO’s Succession

Kendall Roy raps on HBO's Succession
Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy on HBO’s Succession. Pic credit: HBO

Fans were unanimous on social media last night that Kendall Roy’s sycophantic rap performance (see video below) during last night’s Succession on HBO was the most cringe-worthy scene ever on the show.

Everyone was stunned when Kendall (Jeremy Strong) hopped onstage — during the party to celebrate Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) 50 years of running Waystar Royco — to rap his father’s praises.

Rhea (Holly Hunter) organized the lavish surprise 50th business anniversary party for Logan in his hometown of Dundee, Scotland.

Fans took to social media after Succession Season 2, Episode 8, titled Dundee, aired last night to share their views about Kendall’s cringe-worthy performance. The fact that everyone agreed that it was the most toe-curling moment ever on Succession is significant for a show that is replete with absurd and cringe-worthy displays of out-of-touch privilege.

After stepping onstage, Kendall tells his audience that Rhea asked him to help out  by delivering a “little tribute.” He removes his suit jacket to reveal a custom pinstripe baseball jersey emblazoned with “L OG 50” in the front and “Roy 50” in the back.

Jaws drop when he reveals the baseball jersey. He lets his audience know that it took a lot of convincing to get him on stage, but “here we are.”

Roman (Kieran Culkin) snarks that he thought Kendall was going to masturbate to a photo of Logan. But after beat starts and Kendall announces that “my boy Squiggle cooked up this beat for me,” it becomes clear that he was going to rap.

Kendall awkwardly proceeds to rap “L to the OG,”  with “O-G” as in “Original Gangster.”

Logan watches the performance stone-faced, but he has a faint smile on his face when Kendall places a cap on his end at the end of his awful performance.

See part of the lyrics of Kendall’s rap below, via Vice which votes it as “song of the year.”

Born on the North Bank, king of the East Side
50 years strong, now he’s rolling in a sick ride
Handmade suits, raking in loot
Five-star general, y’all best salute

L to the OG
Dude be the OG
A-N he playing
Playing like a pro, see

A-1 ratings, 80K wine
Never going to stop baby, f**k Father Time
Bro, don’t get it twisted, I’ve been through hell
But since I stan Dad, I’m alive and well
Shaper of views, creator of news
Father of many, paid all his dues
So don’t try to run your mouth at the king
Pucker up bitch and go kiss the ring

Fans have  been wondering whether the idea to rap in praise of Logan was Kendall’s or whether it was Rhea who suggested it to him. Some thought it couldn’t be Rhea because she would likely realize that Logan wouldn’t want it. But others argued that Rhea might have convinced him to do it so that he can make a fool of himself. Rhea, according to a fan theory, might have thought that making the kids look stupid and incompetent would help to strengthen her position.

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