Succession Season 3 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Fans are looking forward to the return of HBO’s Succession for Season 3 after the series’ critically acclaimed sophomore season ended in October 2019. Succession’s popularity, measured in terms of total viewers, has been rising since the series premiered on HBO in June 2018. Succession Season 2 wrapped up on October 13 with an explosive


Solandge, the yacht used in Succession, costs $1million a week to hire

In last night’s Succession Season 2 finale on HBO, the Roy family and their top Waystar-Royco aides spent time onboard Logan Roy’s luxurious Mediterranean yacht, ostensibly on a brief cruise vacation.  However, the Mediterranean cruise was actually intended to give Logan (Brian Cox) the opportunity to take time off to decide who should take the


L to the OG: Twitter reacts to Kendall Roy’s rap on HBO’s Succession

Fans were unanimous on social media last night that Kendall Roy’s sycophantic rap performance (see video below) during last night’s Succession on HBO was the most cringe-worthy scene ever on the show. Everyone was stunned when Kendall (Jeremy Strong) hopped onstage — during the party to celebrate Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) 50 years of running