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Kindred Spirits’ paranormal investigation leads to Wallingford Shoe Box murder

Kindred Spirits paranormal investigation leads to Wallingford Shoe Box murder
Adam and Amy investigate a spirit that leads to the unsolved Wallingford Shoe Box murder

In this episode of Kindred Spirits – Amy and Adam connect a violent spirit to the the unsolved Wallingford Shoe Box murder.

An angry spirit is attacking both a homeowner and the house itself, causing a lot of damage. As the two supernatural sleuths work their magic the leads take them in the direction of the infamous 1886 murder.

Back in August of that year a man walking his dog discovered what he thought was a shoe box about 30 inches by 12 inches, he expected it to contain several pairs of shoes but instead inside he found part of a body. The victim was missing its legs, arms and head!

The Shoe Box Murder as reported in the New York Times
The Shoe Box Murder as reported in the New York Times back in the day

Rumors ran riot through the town with speculation rife over both the identity of the victim and who might have been responsible for the grisly murder.

However, all they ever found out was that the victim was a man aged between 20 and 40-years-old and that he had been poisoned with arsenic.

Details of one possible identity to the shoe box murder victim
The New Haven Evening Register, August 9, 1886 reporting that one man whom many thought might be the victim had distinctive arms, foot and head!

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are ghost investigators and in the show they try to help families who are the victim of paranormal activity, the twist is that sometimes the spirits are deceased members of the victim’s family.

The investigators show off some of their paranormal detection tech

Watch Kindred Spirits – Shoebox Murder 10 PM on TLC.

James Wray

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