Kindred Spirits investigates ghost tied to disturbed grave of Native American man

Native American Kindred Spirits
Could  a disturbed Native American grave be the cause of paranormal activity or something else?

This week Amy and Adam from Kindred Spirits investigate a haunting that might be tied to the grave of a Native American man whose grave has been disturbed.

An 11-year-old girl is so terrifed of a ghost she has seen that she will no longer sleep alone in her bedroom.

The spirit sleuths do some research into the background of both the house and land around it. Adam turns up some information from the early 1800s when the grave of a 7 foot Native American was discovered and then in the 1930s several more were uncovered. These bodies were then reburied in unmarked graves. Could this be the cause of the paranormal activity?

Another possible cause comes in the form of the original owner of the house, who was man of some note who more or less ran the town.

A similar case was examined on Ghost Adventures when they visited a house where they thought strange activity might have been related to an earthquake that disturbed burial grounds.

Watch Kindred Spirits – Shadows at 10 PM on TLC.

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