Kelly Rowland shuts down reporter asking about why she walked off Today show

Kelly Rowland poses at event.
Kelly Rowland is devoted to promoting Mea Culpa. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia/

Kelly Rowland isn’t ready to spill the beans about what happened behind the scenes of the Today show earlier this month. 

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the actress and singer was interviewed on the morning show about her new movie, Mea Culpa, which premiered Friday, February 23, on Netflix. 

Despite being scheduled to return to the show later in the morning alongside Hoda Kotb, she was MIA, and Rita Ora was drafted in at the last minute to replace her. 

At the time, there were conflicting reports about whether Rowland walked off the show over the size of a dressing room or Savannah Guthrie’s questions about Beyonce. 

In a new interview promoting Mea Culpa on WGN News in Chicago, anchor Dean Richards noted the countless articles on the internet, with various takes on what went down. 

The former Destiny’s Child star shut him down when asked to clear up what happened. 

Kelly Rowland is only ready to talk about her new Netflix movie

“No, no, no, because I’m so excited and delighted to be here to talk about the movie and nothing else. I love the Today show, love Hoda, and that is it,” she said alongside co-star Trevante Rhodes. 

“But I am so excited about Friday, the 23rd, that’s when Mea Culpa is out, and we want people to be excited about this film, just as excited as we are,” she added. 

Despite not shedding light on what happened behind the scenes, the 43-year-old seemingly dispelled any ill-will towards Kotb, who found herself on a segment with Ora instead following the incident. 

The lack of real answers about what happened is giving Rowland’s new Netflix movie more and more publicity. 

Will it lead to the Tyler Perry picture reaching a bigger audience? Perhaps, but we’re sure the streaming service will tell us all about that if it’s a hit.

Hoda Kotb weighed in on the drama this week

We do know that Kotb would happily have Rowland back on her show, revealing this week that she has a “great love and admiration for Kelly Rowland. 

“I adore her, and I want her to come back on our show, and I want her to host again,” the 59-year-old added before commenting on the reported dressing room drama. 

“She can share my dressing room,” she offered.

“We’ll be in it together!”

Will we ever learn the truth about what happened on the Today Show?

It seems like we may never learn the truth about what happened behind the scenes because there’s a good chance Kotb wasn’t confirming Rowland’s exit was due to the dressing room size. 

Instead, the morning TV host was probably poking fun at the reports that claimed to know what happened. 

Mea Culpa is now streaming on Netflix. 

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Nickey B
Nickey B
1 month ago

This actually looks great, and great acting! Ask about her projects not those of others. She is and always has been a star w/her own light. Let her shine!!