Kelly Ripa shares why she was conflicted over this guest’s appearance on LIVE

Kelly Ripa at the 92 Academy Awards
Kelly Ripa was conflicted because of a guest’s appearance on LIVE. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa is the ultimate professional talk show host. She has met almost everyone on Live with Kelly and Mark, so meeting celebrities is nothing new.

It is rare for her to get as excited as she did about a recent guest on the popular talk show. Kelly seemed giddy about meeting this actress.

Kelly has shared that she feels “almost dead inside” because of the constant barrage of fans in her celebrity life.

However, this one guest caused her to have all kinds of feelings, and Kelly could not get them under control like she usually does on the show.

During the host chat with her husband, Mark Consuelos, the day prior, she even shared that she was trying to decide what to wear.

Kelly was so excited to announce this guest that she felt “fired up!” She could not control herself and blurted out, “Not gonna lie. I’m all fired up. I just met Pam Grier backstage!”

Kelly shared that she was ‘conflicted’ over Pam’s appearance on LIVE

Pam Grier was slated to be on LIVE to promote her show, Them Season 2, which is streaming on Amazon Prime, and Kelly was in a frenzy because she is a lifelong fan of the actress.

Mark asked Kelly how long she’d been a fan of Pam’s, and Kelly said, “Since I have memories!” This was a big deal for Kelly. Kelly had a vintage poster of Pam that hung in her and Mark’s SoHo apartment – and she wanted Pam to sign it.

During the host chat with Mark, Kelly revealed her feelings about Pam on the show, saying, “I was conflicted. Do I ask Mark to drive me to New Jersey to root through storage for the poster?”

A relieved Mark said he would have gone but was happy Kelly did not ask her. What a missed opportunity for Kelly to have a signed poster of her idol.

Kelly Ripa reveals why she looks up to Pam Grier

As Pam spoke about the Foxy Brown character she played 50 years ago during her visit to LIVE, Kelly shared a sweet moment explaining why she looks up to her so much.

Kelly is an icon but — besides being named in the Time 100 list, she is up for an Emmy for her show Live with Kelly and Mark — there are still people she looks up to, and Pam certainly is one of them.

Kelly told Pam, “You are self-reliant, which is the most important thing for any woman, but particularly in show business.”

Another ultimate professional, Pam complimented Kelly for effortlessly hosting her daily talk show.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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