Kelly Ripa fans upset that this first was a bust for the Stump Mark contestant on Live with Kelly and Mark

Kelly Ripa at the GLAAD Media Awards
Kelly Ripa continues to host Live. Pic credit: ©

This week, a fantastic thing happened that was a first in the history of Live with Kelly and Mark.

For a show in Season 29 like Live with Kelly and Mark, a new exciting thing like this is unheard of, and everyone was talking about it on social media.

The show always has a trivia contest where a call-in contestant answers questions and can win a mug, a t-shirt, and, ultimately, a trip somewhere fabulous.

It has morphed into the Stump Mark contest, and Mark Consuelos is competitive. Fans love seeing him lose; he is so dramatic that Live with Kelly and Mark constantly updates their Instagram when it gets heated.

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark were speechless when someone the show called was in the audience and not from home.

In what could only be called pure luck, the person had tickets for the show’s audience the day they called to have her compete against Mark.

Fans were not happy when this contestant lost to Mark and did not win the prize

This lady was such a fan of the show that she not only sent in her information to compete in the trivia segment but also trekked to New York City to sit in the audience.

Tabitha Blumen from Washington, Pennsylvania, answered her ringing phone live on the air from her seat in the audience, much to the shock and delight of Kelly, Mark, and their fans.

Mark won the contest, meaning Tabitha would not get a mug or t-shirt. Fans posted their feelings on Live with Kelly and Mark’s Instagram page.

It was exciting for a fan who said, “This was the greatest hope they gave her a cup.”

Another fan agreed that seeing that happen was “awesome!”

A third fan called it “Priceless!”

Fans were upset this contestant lost despite being a first for the show.
Fans weigh in on Live episode. Pic credit: @livewithkellyandmark/Instagram

One fan said, “Sadly, she didn’t win anything.” But the show did clarify something they should have said on the show: “Mark gave her a mug and t-shirt for being the first in history to be in our audience.”

Fans of Live got upset when this novel contestant did not win.
Live responds to a fan. Pic credit: @livewithkellyandmark/Instagram

Live with Kelly and Mark covers their bases after fans get upset the contestant didn’t win

Live with Kelly and Mark and Mark’s personal Instagram page shared reels that showed Mark giving the slighted Tabitha a mug and a t-shirt. They didn’t show it live on the show yesterday, causing an uproar among their fans.

Mark may have felt bad that she lost and personally delivered the gifts to her in the audience.

Mark Consuelos giving a contestant a consolation prize.
Mark delivers gifts on Live. Pic credit: @livekellyandmark/Instagram

The show chose to share the reel on several accounts to make up for the fact that fans were upset that Tabitha lost after being put on the spot by playing the trivia game live on the show as an audience member.

Mark is usually a good sport, even when he loses Stump Mark, but he sure does love a good, challenging game.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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