Kelly Ripa admits she and Mark Consuelos have a couple’s crush on this man

Kelly Ripa at an event.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos share a celebrity crush. Pic credit: ©

The long-time married couple turned co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos recently told People magazine that they have bickered throughout their marriage.

Mark recounted how they went back and forth over pumping gas early in their marriage. New Jersey has the distinction of being a state that does not allow people to pump their gas.

Mark tried to get out and pump his gas, which started an argument with Kelly. She clarified that she doesn’t pump her own, and he couldn’t either.

Going back and forth, Mark called it “ridiculous.” The couple continues to bicker in a good-natured way.

Mark recently made fun of Kelly over how she sleeps and rubs her legs against him. He said she could start a fire, and as previously reported on Monsters and Critics, she threatened him with the doghouse for sleeping quarters.

Maybe Mark will learn one day to quit messing with Kelly. Today on Live with Kelly and Mark, Kelly admitted something about them, which didn’t include an argument.

Kelly admits that she and Mark have a couple’s crush on their guest today

Live with Kelly and Mark had Bryant Gumble on as a guest today, causing them untold excitement.

Mark started the segment by saying, “I saw him backstage. Yes!”

Kelly told the audience, “Mark and I have a couple’s crush on Bryant Gumble.”

Mark mentioned that Bryant was wearing cashmere. Kelly agreed, “He is human cashmere. He is cashmere in a human being.”

Mark decided, “That’s right.”

Kelly went on dreamily, “And his hands… very soft, soft and silky.”

That is when Mark admitted he rubbed Bryant’s hands. Kelly told the audience, “When he comes out, try and grab him, feel for yourself.”

The Live with Kelly and Mark team added a picture of the three of them on their Instagram page.

And Bryant’s wife, Hilary Gumbel, posted a photo showing her husband, herself, and Kelly on X, formerly Twitter.

Here’s why Mark told Ann Arbor, ‘You are welcome, Ann Arbor, you are welcome’

Just after the Thanksgiving holiday, Mark and Kelly, during their host chat, excitedly told the audience that their son was on the winning wrestling team at University of Michigan.

The Michigan Wolverines have not lost to Ohio State since their son joined the team, and Kelly and Mark are sure to let everyone know that fact.

Their son Joaquin wrestles for the team, and both Kelly and Mark have jokingly taken credit for the wins.

The proud parents spoke about the win and how excited they were about it, and Mark made a joke telling the city of Ann Arbor, “You’re welcome.”

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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4 months ago

I love you Kelly and Mark.