Kelly Reilly: Who is the actress who plays Rose from new Netflix horror film Eli?

Kelly Reilly from Eli
Kelly Reilly from Eli. Pic credit: Netflix

This weekend Netflix dropped a new horror film that is sure to please fans of shows like Haunting of Hill House.

In the film, a mother named Rose aims to help her sick son named Eli, who has a disease that makes him have to live in isolation — like a boy in a bubble. Eli’s parents take him to a home where a doctor (played by Lilli Taylor) claims she can cure him. During Eli’s stay, though, he begins to have visions of spirits he cannot explain.

Since the film premiered on the streaming service, viewers have found the actress who plays Rose quite familiar. Here is everything to know about actress Kelly Reilly.

Who is Kelly Reilly from Eli?

While Kelly Reilly has been in the industry since the mid-90s, most of her work can easily be remembered starting around the mid to late 2000s. And believe us when we say she has done some memorable work.

Specifically, those who are a fan of Robert Downey Jr’s take on Sherlock Holmes might remember she played Watson’s love interest, Mary. Holmes appeared jealous of their relationship. She also returned in the sequel for Holmes to sabotage their honeymoon.

Reilly had a supporting role in Robert Zemeckis’s brutal portrayal of alcoholism with Flight. There, she played the supporting role of Nicole — a woman who had her own vices, like Denzel’s character.

She had other noteworthy casting appearances in films such as The Libertine, Pride & Prejudice, and Heaven is for Real.

Reilly also has a decent television career, starring on shows like True Detective, alongside Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughan. And, more recently, she has a recurring role in Paramount’s Yellowstone, which also stars Kevin Costner.

From being a Netflix horror star to playing Jude Law’s fiance, and tackling HBO detective dramas, it’s clear Reilly has a well-rounded career worth bragging about.

More about actress Kelly Reilly

Netflix viewers can find Kelly Reilly on Instagram as @mzkellyreilly. She posts a lot about Yellowstone, which is not surprising, but what is a lot of fun for fans is how down to earth she seems. It’s clear from her social media that, like many people, she loves animals, her coworkers, and watching a good movie. One post even posited how much she loved the new Joker movie.

Something else that becomes clear the more one tries to find her on social media is that to this point, Instagram is the only social media platform she has chosen to join. Good thing they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Fear not! If one is a fan who believes an Instagram follow isn’t enough, they’re in good company. Some fans banded together to form a Twitter account for the star that can be found @kellyreillyweb. Be aware if looking there though the account that it is just fans who love her work. They are in no way associated with the actress herself. So, if someone is looking for official information, or just wanting a glance into the actresses’ real life, Instagram is probably the best bet.

Eli is now streaming on Netflix.

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