Kelly Reilly reacts to Yellowstone spin-off casting rumors: ‘Don’t believe everything you read’

Kelly Reilly on Yellowstone.
Beth Dutton might not return for the Yellowstone spin-off. Pic credit: Paramount Network

As Yellowstone gears up for its final-ever episodes, one of its most beloved stars is speaking out about the media attention surrounding a planned offshoot.

Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Luke Grimes were all reportedly lined up to star in 2024, the Matthew McConaughey-led sequel.

However, recent reports suggested that the three original cast members are at an impasse with producers over salary demands.

Reilly, who has portrayed Beth Dutton since the series premiere, said in a new interview with Radio Times that people should not believe everything they read.

“I just care about finishing [the main show] with as much care and as much passion and as much love as I can muster to put into it,” the actress told the outlet.

“That’s what I care about. I’m sort of prepping for that now [and] that’s my tunnel vision thing that I care about most,” she added.

“And what goes on beyond that? There are discussions, you know. Don’t believe everything you read. It’s just nonsense,” the Beth Dutton actress said. “But we’re gonna, you know, let’s wait and see. I don’t have an answer right now. But we’ll see.”

Will Kelly Reilly appear in 2024?

Since the main series was canceled last year, there have been conflicting reports about what would happen next for some of our most beloved characters.

With 2024 scoring a formal pickup, it would be surprising not to continue the stories of some of the most popular characters.

The spin-off needs an assist from the original stars

Fans will follow these characters anywhere, and it’s hard to imagine any potential future offshoot not having them as a part of the drama.

We don’t know yet what 2024 will be about or even what’s on tap for the last six episodes of the original series, but there isn’t much time to wrap up all of the arcs we’ve followed for years.

Knowing that some of the characters could return softened the blow of the cancellation, but there truly is no telling what’s on the horizon.

The chances of Kevin Costner returning for the final six episodes are slim, considering he reportedly walked away from the series before its cancellation.

What will become of John Dutton?

Our best guess? John Dutton will get an off-screen death, or the final episodes will begin with him in prison.

The series was expected to return to Paramount Network last summer, but filming isn’t even underway.

Ian Bohen recently hinted that we could get the final six installments in November, but that will all hinge on when production begins.

Yellowstone is currently on hiatus. The second half of Season 5 is expected to return to Paramount Network in late 2024.

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