How many episodes of Yellowstone are left following stunning cancellation?

Wes Bentley on Yellowstone.
We have few episodes of Yellowstone left. Pic credit: Paramount Network

When Yellowstone was canceled by Paramount Network in 2023, there was hope the show would get some additional episodes to bring the storylines to a close.

Of course, the cancellation came amid Kevin Costner’s departure from the show after rumored drama between him and creator Taylor Sheridan.

Given that the show went on hiatus in early 2023, there was no indication that it would return for just six episodes.

With production ramping up on the delayed episodes, cast member Ian Bohen has revealed that just six episodes remain.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the original star revealed that production is rumored to get underway in May, ahead of a November premiere on Paramount Network.

However, the actor stressed, “It’s not gonna be sooner than that,” and that those dates are tentative because things can change.

Yellowstone was destined to continue for years

Indeed, things can change because this time last year, it seemed Yellowstone would continue for years without Costner, but Paramount Network had other ideas and ordered a sequel series called 2024.

Matthew McConaughey is set to headline that show, and several Yellowstone alums, such as Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) and Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), were said to be returning.

However, recent reports suggest that the franchise alums are at an impasse with producers over salary demands.

Beth and Rip are two of Yellowstone’s most popular characters, so bringing them back would be an easy way to get fans invested in the sequel.

Without them and several other alums, the show could be headed for disaster because, with six episodes of the original series remaining, it’s hard to imagine there being enough closure to bring these arcs to a close.

The final episodes of Yellowstone have likely been changed

There’s a good chance many of the plots have been changed considerably during the extended hiatus because Costner is not expected to be a part of them.

Realistically, the only possibility is for John Dutton to get an off-screen exit, likely resulting in the character’s downfall. Whether that involves being killed off or sent to prison, we don’t know.

Yellowstone has teased John’s death countless times, and he somehow always cheats death, so there’s no telling what could be on the horizon.

Could Yellowstone be rendered a disappointment if the final episodes don’t live up to the hype?

We know that Yellowstone’s fans need a certain sense of finality, or this highly publicized show could become a major disappointment.

Six episodes isn’t a long time to wrap up the stories of so many characters. If the final episodes are all set up for spinoffs, it may not land with the emotional thud the show needs to ride off into the sunset.

Yellowstone is currently on hiatus. Season 5B is expected to premiere in November on Paramount Network.

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