Katey Sagal joins Grand Hotel in mystery role — Who will she play?

Katey Sagal on the red carpet.
Katey Sagal joins Grand Hotel. Pic credit: ©

Grand Hotel is one of ABC’s new summer shows and it is garnering quite a bit of buzz. Last week was the series debut, and the premiere left fans wanting more.

Not everything that meets the eye on Grand Hotel is what it appears to be. Mateo (Shalim Ortiz) seemed to be nice enough, working for Santiago (Demian Bichir) as his right-hand man. After seeing his conversation with the housekeeper Ingrid (Anne Winters), there was something sinister that was revealed.

Katey Sagal is joining the cast of Grand Hotel when episode six debuts. Currently, there is no information about her character and the cast members are not allowed to spill anything. What we do know is that Sagal will work opposite Shalim Ortiz, which means they likely have a connection.

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At this point, Shalim Ortiz confirmed to Decider that he was happy to work opposite Katey Sagal. In fact, he was starstruck to be working with “Gemma,” the character Sagal played on the immensely popular Sons of Anarchy.

What could these two be doing on Grand Hotel? It is highly likely that Katey Sagal’s character is part of the “people” that were mentioned when Santiago talked to Mateo. At that moment, it was clear that the right-hand man Mateo appeared to be was a front and he was there to ensure that the money borrowed was paid back.

The twists and turns are only getting started for Grand Hotel. Katey Sagal joining the cast has fans excited and curious to keep tuning in to see where she will fit in and who she will play.

Grand Hotel airs Monday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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