Grand Hotel Season 2: Fans show up to support Grand Hotel renewal from ABC

Grand Hotel finished Season 1 with a huge bang. The show garnered a dedicated following throughout the 13 episodes that aired on ABC during the summer season. While everyone waits to find out if Season 2 will be on the way, there was a cliffhanger that makes it necessary. As Grand Hotel unfolded, assumptions were


The top ten 2019 performances in peak TV are actors over 40

Monsters and Critics takes a look at the current newsmaking roles and careers of the over-40 actor – these already established stars we’ve come to count on for scene-stealing award-winning performances and iconic characters. Peak TV is an industry coined descriptor to describe the huge amount of great television programming that at times feels overwhelming.


Who plays Felix on Grand Hotel?

Grand Hotel is keeping fans guessing each week. Last week, Felix (Adrian Pasdar) showed up and nothing has been the same. He is Gigi’s (Roselyn Sanchez) ex-husband and the father of her twin daughters Yolanda (Justina Adorno) and Carolina (Feliz Ramirez). More information about Felix became available this week. He implicated Santiago (Demian Bichir) as


Katey Sagal on Grand Hotel: Who is the mystery boss woman?

Grand Hotel is one of the hottest shows on ABC. With the twists and turns being thrown around every episode, viewers are glued to their seats waiting on what will happen next. It was revealed several weeks ago that Katey Sagal would be a part of the series. While her episode appearance was a little


Joe Adler on Grand Hotel: Who is behind the character of Justin?

Joe Adler popped up on Grand Hotel last night. He came in as Justin, a social media influencer who wanted perks from the hotel, including watching El Rey (Jencarlos Canela) perform. Mrs. P (Wendy Raquel Robinson) wasn’t keen on him, though she did try to give him what he needed following his live video dissing


Was Grand Hotel renewed for Season 2 on ABC?

Grand Hotel is a soapy primetime delight. The ABC network is currently airing the first season in a lucrative Monday night timeslot. Following The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise should be a no-brainer for ratings, but it hasn’t been. There is so much to tell regarding the storylines running through Grand Hotel currently. Javi (Bryan


Does Javi die on Grand Hotel?

Grand Hotel has been the summer show everyone is talking about. There is so much drama, and the twists and turns help to keep fans guessing what will happen next. Last night’s episode of Grand Hotel presented a new slew of problems. Javi (Bryan Craig) was dealt a devastating blow by finding out that Ingrid’s


What happened to Stefanie Sherk from Grand Hotel?

Grand Hotel is a new ABC summer hit. A brand new episode aired tonight, and at the very end, there was a note dedicating the episode to Stefanie Sherk. Some viewers may be wondering who Stefanie Sherk is and what happened to her. She was married to Demian Bichir, the man who plays Santiago on


Katey Sagal joins Grand Hotel in mystery role — Who will she play?

Grand Hotel is one of ABC’s new summer shows and it is garnering quite a bit of buzz. Last week was the series debut, and the premiere left fans wanting more. Not everything that meets the eye on Grand Hotel is what it appears to be. Mateo (Shalim Ortiz) seemed to be nice enough, working