Kate Flannery on Dancing With The Stars: Meredith from The Office is already a fan-favorite

Kate Flannery
Kate Flannery will be competing on DWTS. Pic credit: NBC

Kate Flannery was announced yesterday as one of the contestants for this upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Flannery is best known for her role as Meredith Palmer on The Office, a drunk co-worker.

As soon as ABC announced Flannery, Dancing With The Stars fans were excited, calling her their favorite contestant. It has been a few years since she was on The Office. Despite this, fans remember her and are ready to cheer her on.

As she announced on Good Morning America, she is ready to get “glammed up” on Dancing with the Stars after playing the most unglamorous character on television for so many years. It seems her fans want to see the same thing.

Other than her role on The Office, Flannery went on tour with Jane Lynch, working as her sidekick in the anti-cabaret act, SEE JANE SING. She’s also known for OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, where she played Carol and Silver Spark. She also filmed Trick, a movie from 1999, where the movie’s credits referred to her character simply by the title of ridiculous writer.

Though they have never married, Kate Flannery is in a longtime relationship with Chris Haston — something fans may start to learn more about as she opens up about her personal life on the show. She also as a twin sister, who is a social worker. When Kate first started in Hollywood, she worked as a waitress at the Kate Mantelini restaurant in Beverly Hills before her big break.

Yesterday, we shared the 2019 fall line-up for Dancing With The Stars on Monsters & Critics. Other than Kate Flannery, the cast includes Lamar Odom, Sean Spicer, Christie Brinkley, James Van Der Beek, and The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown, just to name a few.

Dancing with the Stars returns on Monday, September 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

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