Julie Chen continues dressing up as former Big Brother houseguests

A Julie Chen Image
Julie Chen Moonves posing during shoot for Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves has been having fun on social media this past week. Each day, she has been posting images of herself dressed as former Big Brother houseguests. The Halloween theme has drawn attention.

We previously reported that her social media blitz began by posting a photo of herself dressed as Zach Rance. He was a member of the Big Brother 16 cast and part of the infamous Bomb Squad alliance.

Below is the Twitter post that Julie followed that one up with on Tuesday. She posed as Johnny Mac (John McGuire) from Big Brother 17. He was a dentist who finished fourth place that season.

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Julie Chen Moonves celebrates Halloween

Next up, Julie posed in a costume of a costume. In the image below, Julie is pretending to be former winner Nicole Franzel, who had to wear a costume as part of a punishment during one of her seasons.

Nicole started out on Big Brother 16, which was the same season as Zach. She would be brought back for Big Brother 18, which she won in a decision by the jury while going up against Paul Abrahamian on the season finale.

Nicole has since returned to the show to get engaged and she has also been seen on the most recent season of The Amazing Race.

Ring, ring… it’s Julie Chen

On the morning of Halloween Day, Julie posted another fun photo that can be seen below.

This time, Julie was Mike Malin (Mike Boogie), who was a famous member of Chill Town. He was on Big Brother 2, he won Big Brother All-Stars, and he came back for Big Brother 14. As she is switching hands in the photo, she may also be impersonating Will Kirby (Dr. Will) who did the phone prank with Mike and became the Big Brother 2 winner.

Is Julie Chen hinting at Big Brother: All-Stars?

There are a lot of Big Brother rumors floating around the internet that Julie Chen Moonves is hinting at a winter season of Big Brother: All-Stars. It’s possible. And it could be fun. But there isn’t anything from CBS or Julie to confirm that beyond the fun images that she has been posting on social media this week.

Big Brother will return for new episodes in summer 2020.

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