Joy Behar teases her next career move after The View

Joy Behar
Joy Behar teased her next career move. Pic credit: ©

Joy Behar isn’t retiring from The View just yet, but she has an idea of what she’ll do when she does. 

Although she was recently absent from The View to work on a separate project, she stopped by the podcast, The View: Behind the Table.

While on the podcast, she revealed what her plans might be after she leaves The View.

On the podcast, they discussed social media when Joy revealed that her dog is a bit of a “star” online.

“Maybe when I leave The View, I should become a social media person,” she laughed.

However, that’s not the only career move that Joy has teased recently.

Joy Behar was absent from The View for another project

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Joy Behar was absent from The View earlier this week while she attended to another project.

Whoopi Goldberg revealed why Joy was absent: she was getting ready for the premiere of her play, Bonkers in the Boroughs.

“So, Joy is not here today because she is preparing for the premiere of her play, Bonkers in the Boroughs, at the New York Comedy Festival,” she explained.

“We did not want [her to] be stressed and not ready, so, they’ve given her…” Whoopi said before her co-hosts talked over her.

It seems that working on her play has inspired Joy for potential other career paths, as she’s taken an interest in directing after watching the director of her play work.

“I have a director, and I’m watching the way she does it because I’m gonna do that next. I’m gonna direct something next because I think I can do that,” she revealed on the podcast.

Plus, Joy is reportedly working on a book — so the talk show host has plenty of work to do even if she does leave The View.

Is Joy Behar quitting The View?

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Joy joked that the only way she was leaving The View was in a coffin, but fans still grow concerned about the star’s retirement plans.

Earlier this year, The View producer Brian Teta asked Joy if she had plans to retire from The View on an episode of the podcast.

“People are always asking me, ‘Is it true Joy’s retiring? Is Joy walking out?’ I said you enjoy this too much. I think you like doing this,” Brian told her.

“First of all, people like me don’t retire. I’m a creative person… I’m a writer. There’s no such thing as retiring. You mean, will I quit this show?” Joy asked.

“Yeah, of course,” Brian replied.

“Okay, that’s a more specific way of saying it. I don’t want them taking me out here feet first,” Joy advised.

Brian closed the conversation by joking: “No, certainly not, but you’ll outlive us all. I’m not worried about that.” 

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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