Joy Behar accuses Ana Navarro of ‘trolling’ after making fun of her outfit

Joy Behar from The View
Joy Behar accused Ana Navarro of “trolling.” Pic credit: ©

Joy Behar is a massive part of The View. She is a vital co-host and fills in as moderator when Whoopi is absent.

She is also known for her cooking skills, or rather, one particular skill. Joy is known for her lasagna.

Recently, on Whoopi’s birthday, Whoopi got impatient for her usual birthday gift from Joy, a pan of lasagna.

Brian Teta, executive producer of The View, asked Joy about it on his podcast, The View: Behind the Table. According to Joy, she makes several pans at one time. This time, she made three.

She recounted to Brian that of the three she made, one was for her husband, one for an unnamed person, and one went into the freezer for Whoopi. But then the one for Whoopi went missing.

Joy had to whip up another quickly, she told Brian on the podcast. This was a good thing, too, because Brian shared that Whoopi kept asking for the lasagna.

This lasagna is also a point of contention with Ana Navarro. She admittedly will not eat anything that Joy cooks, as previously reported on Monsters and Critics.

Ana feuds with Joy often. Even though Ana was absent recently, she texted Joy about a perceived wardrobe mishap.

Joy shared that Ana sent her an insulting text during a live segment

Whoopi had just shared information about a Barry Manilow musical she attended over the weekend. She just raved about it when Joy broke in with upsetting news.

“I just wanted to tell everybody that I got a text from Ana Navarro during-” Joy began. Looking around, she shook her head, implying the text was sent during the live show.

She continued, “Pull your pants down. They’re riding all the way up to your boobs. You look like Urkel.”

The reference to Urkel comes from the Steve Urkel character from the sitcom Family Matters. He was a nerd who wore his trousers high.

The ladies all burst in to reassure Joy that she did not look bad. Alyssa Farah Griffin told Joy, “They are fine! They are high-waisted.”

Joy stood up and did a shimmy to fix her pants, saying, “How’s this Ana? Do you like this better, Ana?”

She told the other ladies, “The girl is trolling me, ok!”

Sara Haines, ever the peacemaker, tried to smooth Joy’s ruffled feathers by saying, “At least she’s not anonymously trolling you.”

Brian Teta makes a surprising admission to Joy

On Brian Teta’s podcast, The View: Behind the Table, Joy was the guest again.
Brian was excited, calling it a “Joy day,” revealing he loved having her on.

Joy said he could make the other girls jealous if he admitted that he liked her more than the others.

He shockingly told her she shouldn’t worry, “None of them are listening.” Since Brian is the executive producer of The View, he has the unpopular job of handling all the ladies and their various personalities.

Recently, Sara admitted that she would never be moved to hurt anyone, and Joy pipped up, “Really? On this show, you never felt that way?”

Brian is good at his job; the ladies have not come to physical blows, even if they occasionally lob verbal jabs at each other.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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