Ana Navarro reveals the stunning reason she wont eat anything Joy Behar makes

Ana Navarro at The View table
Ana Navarro on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Ana Navarro isn’t holding anything back, especially on the podcast Behind the Table.

This podcast is hosted by the executive producer of The View, Brian Teta. Recently, he commented that it is making headlines, primarily because of Ana.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Ana called Brian “useless” on the podcast. He called Ana out because the fact that he cannot cook is making headlines.

Ana spoke for both her and Joy Behar, saying in part that the only reason they do the podcast is because “we get to bully you and say horrible things about you, and nobody can stop it.”

Ana says things about Brian all the time. She has asked him if he pays her her worth, making him nervous.

It is curious that Ana would speak for Joy, though, since she has a challenging relationship with her co-host.

Ana revealed she won’t touch food cooked by Joy

Brian turned the topic on the podcast away from politics and to Halloween.

This year was Ana’s fourth Halloween on The View. Her costume this year was two-fold. She played the sisters from the movie Encanto.

She has previously been Charo, Evita, and Snow White. Brian laughed at the Snow White costume since he doesn’t consider Ana “pure and sweet.”

That first year, when Ana was Snow White, Joy Behar was The Evil Queen. In the fairy tale, the evil queen gives Snow White a poisoned apple.

This fact has affected Ana to this day. She told Brian, “I never eat anything Joy Behar gives me. Nothing, nothing!”

Brian agreed with her, saying it was a “smart move.” He went on to call the whole situation “insanity.”

Ana went on to reveal a stunning detail. She has never tasted Joy’s lasagna, saying, “Not even the lasagna. I’m the only person who’s never tasted the lasagna.”

Joy Behar is famous for her lasagna

The fact Ana is so nervous she will not even taste Joy’s lasagna is a tragedy. Joy is known for her lasagna.

It is a favorite dish of Whoopi Goldberg’s. Joy makes it for her on her birthday every year. Whoopi’s birthday is November 13, and that date is coming up quickly. The lasagna will be making an appearance on the talk show.

Joy’s recipe has been talked about all over the internet.

And Joy has even offered an instructional video of this famous lasagna.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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Toni Engle
Toni Engle
7 months ago

The View should get rid of Joy Behar and Woopi I’m still waiting for her to move back to Africa, when Donald Trump was elected prespresthe View would be so much better without them