John Finlay on Tiger King: What happened to Joe Exotic’s husband?


John Finlay and fiancee Stormey.
John Finlay and fiancee Stormey. Pic credit: John Finlay/Facebook

The show Tiger King has made its royalty known this week on Netflix with it reigning at the top of the service all week long.

Because of this, Joe Exotic’s tale of betrayal, chaos, and attempted murder has been much of the discussion throughout the week.

On top of this, the commotion has even caused blowbacks from Exotic’s longtime rival Carole Baskin, who has staunchly fought against the accusations she fed her husband Don Lewis to tigers.

But many viewers are asking themselves what happened to Joe’s husband John Finlay after the events of Tiger King. Well, here is everything known about what he is up to now.

Who is John Finlay from Tiger King?

In the documentary, Finlay is one of the husbands that Exotic pulls into his polygamist lifestyle and it’s implied that meth is the factor that made him lose all his teeth—which he claims on social media is a genetic issue and hasn’t done drugs in years.

The documentary also discusses how John Finlay himself might’ve been lying about his sexual preference in order to be a part of Exotic’s financial lifestyle. And this is further shown in real life as well as the documentary with him falling for a woman. And he is now seen engaged to someone named Stormey (no last name is given).

Where is John Finlay from Tiger King now?

Joe Exotic’s one time husband, John Finlay has sought privacy since Tiger King hit the Netflix streaming service. A public page on Facebook dedicated to Finlay shows him pleading for people to leave his personal page alone, and to send any messages or questions to the public page.

His posts are few and far between, mostly showing off his new smile. Check out his new teeth below:

He also confirmed to TMZ in an interview that the teeth are dentures redone a year ago back in 2019 and he’s frustrated with the filmmakers who never conveyed that in the seven-episode series.

When asked about his ex-husband’s music though he claims on his page, “It’s not him singing anyway.” He is obviously trying to make a new life outside of Joe Exotic, and that could mean he is willing to reveal some secrets.

He is furious with Netflix because he feels like the documentary was a slanted version of the truth. In spite of all of this, he appears to have moved on and done pretty well for himself.

According to Texas Monthly, he is living in a Motel 6 and has taken steps to provide for a new life. He is now a welder, and Facebook explains he has fallen in love with Stormey.

He told Texas Monthly about his time with Joe Exotic and the scars that will probably be with him forever. He goes on to claim, “This is going to be the beginning of my life without him in it.”

And his life seems to be slowly putting itself together. He is planning on using the media to tell his side of the story. Right now, even though it’s unclear which specific outlet he will use, Finlay feels that his story must be told.

Tiger King is now streaming on Netflix.

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