How many episodes of Tiger King on Netflix are there?

Tiger King star Joe Exotic wants pardon, claims prison abuse
Joe Exotic has asked for a pardon from the President. Pic credit: Netflix

The new docu-series Tiger King has been the talk of the internet for most of the week with its bizarre exploration of private zoo owners of exotic animals and their eccentric lifestyles.

Not since Don’t F*ck With Cats has a Netflix series lit up the interwebs like a Christmas tree.

But with all the buzz surrounding the new show, it has many viewers interested in how many episodes the show has and if it’s short enough to binge quickly.

And while Tiger King is not as short as Don’t F*ck With Cats, it’s a very easy binge for any Netflix-and-chill situation.

What is Tiger King on Netflix about?

The docu-series Tiger King focuses on a group of various owners of exotic tigers, such as Joe Exotic, Doc Antle, and Carole Baskins.

In the series, many aspects are highlighted, such as the feud between Exotic and Baskins, the polygamist lifestyle of Exotic and Antle, and the legal and ethical implications of privately owning zoos with wild animals.

For those who do not remember the John Oliver segment during the 2016 election, Joe Exotic ran for POTUS, which the series covers.

Given the big personalities of the subjects of the documentary, the show has surged it’s way to #1 on the streaming platform. And this is no big surprise considering the extreme twists and turns the series takes with each episode.

Especially, with the first episode hinting Joe Exotic possibly going to prison — fun fact, he did and was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison.

But how many episodes does Tiger King on Netflix have, and is it short enough to binge? Here is the amount of episodes for the series.

How many episodes of Tiger King on Netflix are there?

Tiger King has a total of seven episodes in its entirety, with each episode length running around 40 or 50 minutes.

To put this in perspective, a normal season of Stranger Things typically has about eight episodes, so for the typical binger, this is easy.

And given the provocative nature of the series, most viewers will have zero issues flying through this addicting series in a few days, Especially, with such a controversial public figure like Joe Exotic.

Those who love wild animals, cult-like personalities, and true crime documentaries, this is a strangely magnificent beast of a program worth tuning into.

All seven episodes of Tiger King are now streaming on Netflix. 

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