Jessica Faulkner and Jackson Gallagher: Who are the new stars of Glitch Season 3?

Jessica Faulkner from Glitch on left and Jackson Gallagher in The Wheel on right
Jessica Faulkner on the left and Jackson Gallagher on right. Pic credit: ABC TV/Netflix/Umbrella Entertainment

This week, the Netflix sci-fi drama Glitch returned to the streaming platform for a third season.

The show, which takes a different approach to the concept of zombies, involves old loved ones returning from the grave mysteriously. And instead of wanting to eat brains, they want to cope with the life that is now given back to them. And their loved ones have to grapple with their return as well, as the world has changed so much since their passing.

The most recent season has two young stars that have fans wondering more about them since the recent season premiered online. And those performers are Jessica Faulkner and Jackson Gallagher, who play Belle and Raf in Season 3.

Here is everything to know about both stars of the latest season of Glitch.

Who is Jessica Faulkner from Glitch?

Jessica Faulkner is of more recent fame, known mostly for the show Glitch, currently. The Netflix drama about all things otherworldly has chosen to include Faulkner in its third and final season. Little is known about Faulkner, with only one line in her IMDb biography, and the only biographical information on her Instagram page being a link to a trailer for Glitch Season 3. Her Instagram also shows that she has done some stage work with images of productions like Wizard of Oz where she is dressed up as the famous Dorothy.

Her IMDb is very limited, with only three credentials listed on her resume, including another TV series called Mustangs FC, which was a comedy based on soccer. She has another horror credit with a film called  Campground: The Raquel, which is a slasher film set in the 80s.

Faulkner plays Belle Donohue in Glitch, a young teenager who recently came back to life after death, another one of the Risen still trying to figure out what life looks like now. Faulkner’s character in Glitch Season 3 is sure to be one with a deep well of emotions, a multi-faceted character like all of the others the show is known for.

One thing is for sure, the young actress will be worth watching for anyone who is a fan of the unexplainable, zombies, or the confusing reality that is life as a Risen teen because Faulkner’s character explores all three.

Who is Jackson Gallagher from Glitch?

Jackson Gallagher has a bigger resume than that of Jessica Faulkner, with 15 credits to his name on IMDb. While his most familiar role would be his brief appearance as Raf on Glitch, the actor has done quite a bit of film and television work in Australia. Most notable is Playing for Keeps, which is also a show based on the sport of soccer.

He began his acting career in a children’s show titled The Saddle Club, which centered on three young women who are equestrian competitors. And in that show, Gallagher played Ashley “Chewie” Becker.

He also had a significant role in a sci-fi film called The Wheel, where he starred alongside David Arquette. That film sounds quite similar to the 2018 action sci-fi film Upgrade, where a disabled man gets technology placed inside him that enhances his physical abilities and allows him to walk again. In The Wheel, Gallagher plays a character who suddenly has a change in abilities.

According to his Creative Rep bio, Gallagher also has a strong passion for photography and has assisted with shooting for networks like ABC. He has also used his love for photography in charitable ways, doing work for the Act of Peace charity helping with refugee camps in the area.

For horror fans, another film that might be worth checking out is called Patrick. In the film, Gallagher played the title character of Patrick — a psych ward patient who has psychic abilities and goes mad.

Gallagher has a wide array of experiences, both on and off the screen, that make him worth watching out for.

With these two new characters, Glitch is proving one thing: You don’t have to be a big star to inspire curiosity among fans. Gallagher and Faulkner are definitely heading somewhere, and Glitch is just the first of many stops on the journey.

Glitch Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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